Cute Chess is a graphical user interface, command-line interface and a library for playing chess.
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Cute Chess

Cute Chess is a graphical user interface, command-line interface and a library for playing chess. Cute Chess is written in C++ using the Qt framework.


Binaries are available for cutechess-cli, the command-line interface of Cute Chess. The latest version is 0.6.0.

The GUI doesn't have a binary release at this time.


Cute Chess requires Qt 4.6 or greater and qmake.

In the simplest case you only have to issue:

$ qmake
$ make

If you are using the Visual C++ compiler replace make with nmake. To build on OS X add -spec macx-g++ to the qmake command. To compile the libcutechess library into the cutechess and cutechess-cli binaries add -config static to the qmake command.

Documentation is available as Unix manual pages in the docs/ directory.

API documentation can be built by issuing make doc-api (requires Doxygen).


In order to run the cutechess and cutechess-cli executables the program loader must find the Qt libraries and the libcutechess library, if it's not compiled statically. On Windows it's enough to copy the libraries (DLL files) to the same directory as the Cute Chess executables. On Linux and OS X the path to libcutechess should be set via an environment variable. On Linux the command to run is:

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path_to_libcutechess

And on OS X:

$ export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=path_to_libcutechess

OS X users can also create a .dmg bundle of Cute Chess and the Qt frameworks with the macdeployqt tool that is bundled with the Qt SDK.


Cute Chess is released under the GPLv3+ license except for the components in the projects/lib/components and projects/gui/components directories which are released under the MIT License.


Cute Chess was written by Ilari Pihlajisto and Arto Jonsson.