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2012-11-06 Trevor Rowe <>
* lib/aws/core/signature/version_3_https.rb: Added x-amz-security-token
header for signature version 3 https requests when a session token is
2012-11-02 Trevor Rowe <>
* CONTRIBUTORS.txt: Added a contributors file.
* ChangeLog, lib/aws/version.rb: Bump version to 1.7.0
2012-10-29 Trevor Rowe <>
* features/dynamo_db/batch_get.feature,
lib/aws/dynamo_db/batch_get.rb, lib/aws/dynamo_db/table.rb,
spec/aws/dynamo_db/batch_get_spec.rb, spec/aws/dynamo_db/table_spec.rb:
Added support for consistent reads to AWS::DynamoDB::BatchGet.
* features/dynamo_db/batch_write.feature,
features/dynamo_db/step_definitions/dynamo_db.rb: Sped up a few of the
DynamoDB batch write integration tests.
* lib/aws/api_config/DynamoDB-2011-12-05.yml, lib/aws/dynamo_db/client.rb:
Added consistent read to AWS::DynamoDB::Client#batch_get input and outputs.
* lib/aws/rds/event_collection.rb: Removed the empty file for
* lib/aws/core.rb: Corrected the documentation on
* lib/aws/rds/config.rb: Corrected the default RDS endpoint, now
* lib/aws/rds/client.rb: Documented AWS::RDS::Client API operation methods.
* lib/aws/rds.rb: Added basic documentation for the AWS::RDS service
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml, lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot_collection.rb, lib/aws/rds/event_collection.rb:
Added missing attribution comment blocks to a few scripts.
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml: Revert "Added api configuration for
This reverts commit c6beb0537b7bbe84190e6aeed1e73e19aaff2ea4.
* lib/aws/rds.rb, lib/aws/rds/client.rb, lib/aws/rds/config.rb,
lib/aws/rds/errors.rb, lib/aws/rds/request.rb: Revert "Wired up a basic RDS
This reverts commit cdabb8967b6c20cb4e2458d406688b47228d3c70.
* lib/aws/rds/client.rb: Revert "Documented the RDS API operations in
This reverts commit 5db2951ab8a24004631ef4b3fc25e3979bdfc89a.
* lib/aws/dynamo_db/item_collection.rb: Corrected documentation on
AWS::DynamoDB::ItemCollection on how to limit items returned.
2012-10-26 Loren Segal <>
* features/dynamo_db/crc32.feature,
lib/aws/dynamo_db/client.rb, lib/aws/dynamo_db/config.rb,
spec/aws/dynamo_db/client_spec.rb: Add CRC32 integrity checking to DynamoDB
* features/support/common.rb: Only run SimpleCov on cucumber when COVERAGE
is set
* features/dynamo_db/step_definitions/dynamo_db.rb: Remove extra whitespace
in a test
2012-11-01 Trevor Rowe <>
* features/rds/client.feature, features/rds/step_definitions/client.rb:
Shortened the feature/scenario table for RDS::Client#describe_events.
* features/rds/client.feature, features/rds/step_definitions/client.rb:
Added a basic integration test for the RDS client.
* features/rds/client.feature, features/rds/step_definitions/rds.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb: AWS::RDS::DBInstance#snapshots now uses the
correct filter.
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml, spec/aws/rds/client_spec.rb: Fixed
a bug in the api_config for RDS where EVERY element was wrapped, when not
all are.
* lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot.rb, spec/aws/rds/db_snapshot_spec.rb: Added unit
tests for AWS::RDS::DBSnapshot.
* lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot_collection.rb,
spec/aws/rds/db_snapshot_collection_spec.rb: Added unit tests for
* lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb,
spec/shared/collection/with_limit_and_next_token_examples.rb: Added unit
tests for AWS::RDS::DBInstanceCollection.
* lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot.rb,
spec/aws/rds/client_spec.rb, spec/aws/rds/db_instance_spec.rb: Added unit
tests for AWS::RDS::DBInstance.
* spec/aws/core/xml/parser_spec.rb, spec/aws/rds/client_spec.rb: Added unit
test for nested ignore rules to the XML parser.
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml: Added wrapping elements to the RDS
output shapes so the XML can be correctly parsed.
2012-10-31 Trevor Rowe <>
* lib/aws/rds.rb, lib/aws/rds/client.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot_collection.rb: Documented a large number of
methods/attributes, added additional attirbutes to the RDS interfaces.
* lib/aws/s3/request.rb, lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb: AWS::S3::S3Object #url_for
and #public_url now share the same default behavior.
Previously, #url_for would check config.use_ssl for the default
http/https mode. #public_url instead always defaulted to https,
ignoring config.use_ssl. They both now default to the mode specified
in config.use_ssl.
Also, they both now work with alternative ports for testing against
local endpoints at non-standard ports (outside of 443 and 80).
* features/s3/high_level/objects.feature, lib/aws/s3/request.rb: Fixed an S3
signing bug where the canonicalized amz header values were not trimmed of
* features/s3/high_level/objects.feature,
features/sts/step_definitions/sessions.rb, lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb: Fixed a
bug in generating presigned GET requests for S3.
2012-09-20 Neville Kadwa <>
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml, lib/aws/rds.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_snapshot_collection.rb,
lib/aws/rds/event_collection.rb: add snapshot modeling
2012-09-18 Neville Kadwa <>
* lib/aws/rds.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb: cleanup
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml, lib/aws/rds.rb,
lib/aws/rds/db_instance.rb, lib/aws/rds/db_instance_collection.rb: add
db_instance collection and instance funcitonality
2012-09-17 Neville Kadwa <>
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml: needed methods working
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml, lib/aws/rds.rb,
lib/aws/rds/client.rb, lib/aws/rds/config.rb, lib/aws/rds/errors.rb,
lib/aws/rds/request.rb: base rds implementation
2012-10-30 Nate Mueller <>
* lib/aws/ec2/reserved_instances.rb: Added state attribute to
2012-10-24 Marco Carvalho <>
* lib/aws/cloud_watch/metric.rb: Fixed: Wrong param name: expected
metric_name and metric_item was set
2012-10-20 Oliver Hookins <>
* lib/aws/s3/client.rb, lib/aws/s3/object_collection.rb,
spec/aws/s3/client_spec.rb, spec/aws/s3/object_collection_spec.rb: Add MFA
authentication to S3 multiple object deletions.
2012-10-19 Trevor Rowe <>
* lib/aws/cloud_watch/alarm.rb: Corrected documentation on
* lib/aws/s3/bucket_tag_collection.rb: Corrected a yard doc tag (typo in tag
2012-10-16 carljparker <>
* lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb: Update lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb
Fix typo: server_size_encryption should be server_side_encryption
2012-10-15 Jamis Buck <>
* lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb, spec/aws/s3/s3_object_spec.rb: endpoint, port,
and force_path_style should be inherited from config
2012-10-12 Loren Segal <>
* .travis.yml, README.rdoc: Only run Travis on master branch
2012-10-11 Loren Segal <>
* README.rdoc: Update README with Travis build status
* .travis.yml, tasks/rvm_tester.rake: Don't test jruby on Travis (running
out of memory)
* tasks/rspec.rake: Don't need specdoc output for RSpec
* spec/aws/rails_spec.rb: Reset Config after Rails tests
* spec/aws/core/options/xml_serializer_spec.rb: Fix XML serializer tests
matcher usage
* spec/shared/signature/version_4_examples.rb: Fix broken tests that were
hashed for GMT-8
* spec/aws/record/hash_model/class_methods_spec.rb: Cleanup after modifying
AWS.config in test
2012-10-10 Loren Segal <>
* tasks/scan.rake, tasks/secret_scanner.rb: Secret scanner rake task no
longer used
* Rakefile: Load vendor Rakefiles into rake tasks
* .gitignore: Ignore vendor from git
* lib/aws/s3/errors.rb: Removed a @private documentation tag from the
AWS::S3::Errors module.
2012-10-09 Loren Segal <>
* .travis.yml, Gemfile, tasks/rspec.rake, tasks/rvm_tester.rake: Add RVM
tester and Travis CI support
* spec/net/http/connection_pool/live_tests_spec.rb: Make
Net::HTTP::ConnectionPool tests more reliable
* Gemfile, spec/aws/config_spec.rb,
spec/aws/s3/client_spec.rb, spec/aws/s3/s3_object_encrypt_spec.rb,
spec/spec_helper.rb: Fix tests in JRuby
* spec/shared/s3/paginated_collection_examples.rb: Fix broken spec
* Gemfile, Rakefile: Reorder Gemfile to use standard group names
* tasks/rcov.rake, tasks/rspec.rake: Remove rcov rake task, spec task takes
COVERAGE env var
* spec/aws/core/option_grammar_spec.rb, spec/aws/ec2/instance_spec.rb,
spec/aws/simple_db/errors_spec.rb, spec/shared/record/shardable_examples.rb:
Remove some pending tests and comment out EC2 instance tests for now
* Gemfile: Update Gemfile with newer versions of RSpec, remove debug group
* Gemfile: CI reporter library no longer used.
* Gemfile: Remove autotest group from Gemfile
* spec/aws/core/credential_providers_spec.rb: Stub out environment variables
in DefaultProvider specs
Avoids test failure if user has access keys provided in env.
* lib/aws/api_config/EMR-2009-03-31.yml, lib/aws/emr/client.rb: Documented
set_visible_to_all_users method on EMR client and alphabetized the api
* lib/aws/api_config/EMR-2009-03-31.yml, lib/aws/emr/client.rb: Added
VisibleToAllUser attributes to the EMR api configuration and documented them
in the client.
2012-10-05 Neville Kadwa <>
* lib/aws/api_config/EMR-2009-03-31.yml, lib/aws/emr/job_flow.rb,
spec/aws/emr/job_flow_spec.rb: EMR added set_visible_to_all_users call,
expose this through client
* lib/aws.rb, lib/aws/core.rb, lib/aws/core/configuration.rb: Documented
Cloud Search configurations and added autoloading hooks.
* lib/aws/cloud_search/client.rb: Documented AWS::CloudSearch::Client
control plane operations.
* lib/aws/cloud_search.rb, lib/aws/cloud_search/client.rb,
lib/aws/cloud_search/config.rb, lib/aws/cloud_search/errors.rb,
lib/aws/cloud_search/request.rb: Added Cloud Search control plane API
* lib/aws/api_config/CloudSearch-2011-02-01.yml: Added Cloud Search API
configuration file.
* lib/aws/ec2/reserved_instances.rb,
spec/shared/ec2/reserved_instances_attributes_examples.rb: Added new
attributes to reserved_instances(_offerings)
recurring_charges and offering_type
2012-10-04 Trevor Rowe <>
* lib/aws.rb, lib/aws/core.rb, lib/aws/core/configuration.rb: Added endpoint
documentation and autoloading for RDS.
* lib/aws/rds/client.rb: Documented the RDS API operations in
* lib/aws/rds.rb, lib/aws/rds/client.rb, lib/aws/rds/config.rb,
lib/aws/rds/errors.rb, lib/aws/rds/request.rb: Wired up a basic RDS client.
* lib/aws/api_config/RDS-2012-07-31.yml: Added api configuration for RDS.
* lib/aws.rb, lib/aws/core.rb, lib/aws/core/configuration.rb: Added
AWS::ElasticBeanstalk configuration documentation and autoloading hoooks.
* lib/aws/api_config/ElasticBeanstalk-2010-12-01.yml,
lib/aws/elastic_beanstalk.rb, lib/aws/elastic_beanstalk/client.rb,
lib/aws/elastic_beanstalk/config.rb, lib/aws/elastic_beanstalk/errors.rb,
lib/aws/elastic_beanstalk/request.rb: Added basic support for AWS Elastic
* lib/aws/core/inflection.rb, lib/aws/core/service_interface.rb: Provided a
better inflection for ElastiCache (elasticache instead of elasti_cache).
* lib/aws.rb, lib/aws/core.rb, lib/aws/core/configuration.rb: Documented
ElastiCache endpoints and added autoloading hooks.
* lib/aws/elasticache/client.rb: Documented ElastiCache client methods.
* lib/aws/elasticache.rb, lib/aws/elasticache/client.rb,
lib/aws/elasticache/config.rb, lib/aws/elasticache/errors.rb,
lib/aws/elasticache/request.rb: Added basic ElastiCache classes.
* lib/aws/api_config/ElastiCache-2012-03-09.yml: Added API configuration for
* features/dynamo_db/items.feature,
features/dynamo_db/step_definitions/items.rb: Added an integration test that
uploads a small image as a DynamoDB attribute.
* ChangeLog: Updated changelog.
* lib/aws/version.rb: Bump version to 1.6.9
* .yardopts, aws-sdk.gemspec: Removed NOTICE.txt from gem specification and
* lib/aws/api_config/EC2-2012-07-20.yml, lib/aws/ec2/client.rb: Resolved an
issue with specifying security groups while requesting spot instances with
* lib/aws/s3/client.rb, lib/aws/s3/object_version.rb,
lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb, spec/aws/s3/client_spec.rb,
spec/aws/s3/object_version_spec.rb: Add MFA credential support to S3 object
version delete methods.
2012-10-08 Trevor Rowe <>
* lib/aws/s3/object_collection.rb: Removed trailing whitespace from
AWS::S3::ObjectCollection class file.
2012-10-03 Loren Segal <>
* ChangeLog: Add ChangeLog
* LICENSE.txt, NOTICE.txt: Remove NOTICE.txt; only LICENSE.txt is needed.
Apache License 2.0 is still being used.
* tasks/secret_scanner.rb: Make secret scanning configurable
2012-10-02 Loren Segal <>
* Rakefile: Set default rake task to unit tests
* tasks/gems.rake: Gems tasks no longer necessary
* lib/aws/core.rb, lib/aws/version.rb: Move AWS::VERSION to separate file
* .gitignore: Ignore .gem files from repository
* spec/spec_helper.rb: Only use simplecov if COVERAGE env is set
* aws-sdk.gemspec: Fix gemspec
* aws-sdk.gemspec: Add gemspec
* tasks/scan.rake: Exit with nonzero status if scan finds matches
* .gitignore: Add .gitignore
* tasks/scan.rake: Name secret scanner task
2012-10-01 Diego Elio Pettenò <>
* spec/aws/s3/client_spec.rb: spec: do not compare data that can be
differently sorter on Ruby 1.8
* lib/aws/core/option_grammar.rb: Replace Ruby 1.9-specific syntax with
syntax working for 1.8 as well.
While it's less arcane, the 1.9-specific syntax break compatibility
for nothing more than a function name.