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A DataMapper adapter for SimpleDB
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= dm-adapter-simpledb

Written by Jeremy Boles
Contributers Edward Ocampo-Gooding, Dan Mayer

A DataMapper adapter for SimpleDB.

This version combines elements of Jeremy's orginal project, adding in code from Edward Ocampo-Gooding. It also includes various bug fixes and updates from Dan Mayer.

Tested using Matthew Painter’s SimpleDB/dev
Additional SimpleDB/dev setup notes found here:

== Current state

   Updated to work with current versions of DataMapper and Merb, in use on small production sites.

   When starting this project, I assumed that SimpleDB allowed queries to span more than one domain. I was terribly wrong.
  In lieu of that, this SimpleDB adapter follows the Single Table Inheritance pattern espoused by articles online and seen in a variety of similar libraries (see Bibliography). What a bummer.

== Future goals

  * Parallelized queries for increased throughput
  * Support of normalized 1:1 table:domain schemes that works with associations
  * Local caching of results using something like query strings for cache keys

== Usage
  === Standalone
    require 'rubygems'
    require 'dm-core'
    DataMapper.setup(:default, 'simpledb://', :access_key_id => 'a valid access key id', :secret_access_key => 'a valid secret access key id')
    [Same as the following, but skip the database.yml]
  === In a Merb application
    See sample Merb application using Merb-Auth and protected resources on SimpleDB:
    Setup database.yml with the SimpleDB DataMapper adapter:

      adapter:  simpledb
      database: 'default'
      access_key_id: (a 20-character, alphanumeric sequence)
      secret_access_key: (a 40-character sequence)
      domain: 'sweetapp_development'
      base_url: ''


    Create a model
      class Tree
        include DataMapper::Resource
        storage_name "trees"  # manually setting the domain
        property :id,   Integer, :serial => true
        property :name, String, :nullable => false

    Use interactively (with merb -i)
    $ merb -i
      maple = = "Acer rubrum"
      all_trees = Tree.all() # calls #read_all
      a_tree = Tree.first(:name => "Acer rubrum")
      yanked_tree = Tree.remote(:name => "Acer rubrum")

== Running the tests
   add these two lines to your .bash_profile as the spec_helper relies on them
   Create the test domain on SimpleDB, :domain => 'missionaries' as found in spec_helper. This can be done easiest via IRB or I went to a project that had a database.yml and called db:automigrate because of the added migration support to this adaprter.

   rake spec

== Bibliography
  Relating to Amazon SimpleDB
    Approaching SimpleDB from a relational database background
  Active Record Persistence with Amazon SimpleDB
  Building for Performance and Reliability with Amazon SimpleDB
  Query 101: Building Amazon SimpleDB Queries
  Query 201: Tips & Tricks for Amazon SimpleDB Query
    Latter portion describes parallelization advantages of normalized domains – the downside being the added complexity at the application layer (this library’s).
  Using SimpleDB and Rails in No Time with ActiveResource
    Exemplifies using the Single Table Inheritance pattern within a single SimpleDB domain by storing the model type in an attribute called '_resource' and using a “SHA512 hash function on the request body combined with a timestamp and a configurable salt” for the id.
  RightScale Ruby library to access Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, and SDB!default.jspa?categoryID=140&externalID=1014&fromSearchPage=true
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