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Better documentation of sourceDictionary set.

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commit 32cfe4f22dd84ce16bba527304080a48696bb9a4 1 parent 34d6243
@jeremybrooks authored
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6 src/net/jeremybrooks/knicker/
@@ -195,9 +195,13 @@ public static SearchResults examples(String word, boolean includeDuplicates,
* Look up definitions for a word.
+ *
+ * Dictionaries will be tried in the order returned by the sourceDictionaries
+ * iterator. If you want a specific order, use a Set implementation that
+ * guarantees a specific order.
* @param word word to return definitions for.
- * @param sourceDictionaries gets from dictionaries in the supplied order of precedence.
+ * @param sourceDictionaries dictionaries to retrieve definitions from.
* @return list of definitions for the word.
* @throws KnickerException if the word is null or empty, or if there are any errors.
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