Machine-learning Supported Personal Stylist
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Machine-learning supported Personal Stylist : AngelHack Toronto 2016

This is a project developed in AngelHack hackathon. Based on our research, we found out that the current market lacks of an application to not only allow you to mix & match your outfits but also give you CUSTOMIZED recommendation to assist on your styling. That is why we are here. Let's go Tote and go fashion!

Mix & Match (My Closet)

You can build up your online closet by uploading pictures of your outfits. The pictures will be categorized into "Top", "Bottom", or "Shoes". Then, you can mix & match to find out what you want to wear today!

Styling Recommendation (Machine Learning)

You are asked to fill out a questionnaire in order to determine more accurately your styling. In addition to some basic information, you are also asked to select the clothes, pants, accessaries, etc. if applicable. Based on the information, we will have some recommendations for you. However, that's not the best part. As more outfits go into your online closet, we use image recognition to categorized your current styling and give you further recommendations!

Diary (Machine Learning)

This is just like a styling Facebook. You can post pictures about what you are wearing today or some outfits you just shopped. These will also be taken into account to help us give you a more suitable and most fashionable recommendations on your styling. Over time, you will see how your styling is improved by Tote in this diary!