An SVG editor component written in React
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An SVG editor component written in React

This project is early in development and not useful yet, but you can play with the current snapshot here:

This is the current roadmap:

Milestone 2 tasks

  • Implement shape tools (to be roughly consistent with their Vectr equivalents)
    • Ellipse
    • Pen
    • Pencil
    • Text

Milestone 1 tasks

  • Stand up basic environment layout/structure similar to Vectr
  • Layer reordering
  • Initial primitives support: Rectangles
    • Drag-and-drop:
      • Creation
      • Repositioning
      • Rotation/scaling
    • Detail manipulation:
      • Direct positional/display value editing
      • Color selection via color picker element
      • Stroke/fill support
  • Shape deleting
  • Undo/redo support
  • Other tools
    • Group selection
  • Keyboard shortcuts/keybindings
    • Delete selected elements
    • Position nudging via arrow keys
  • Data import/export
    • JSON (format TBD)

Running tests (written in Mocha)

# run tests in the CLI
npm test
# run tests in the CLI with a watcher that will re-run tests
# when you make a code change
npm run test:watch

You can also run the test suite in browsers via Karma. Only Chrome and Firefox are configured by default because other browsers are a little hard to get to run consistently. Running the tests in IE are supported and known to work, but are disabled by default. Please see the note in karma.conf.js in the browsers section if you would like instructions on how to run the tests in IE.

npm run test:browsers


# run the tests in your browser
npm start

From here, you can fire up your browser's dev tools and set breakpoints, step through code, etc. You can run the app at http://localhost:9123, or run the tests at http://localhost:9123/test/.

A build process

npm run build

Your compiled code will wind up in the dist directory.


You should make sure to update the JSDoc annotations as you work. To view the formatted documentation in your browser:

npm run doc
npm run doc:view

This will generate the docs and run them in your browser. If you would like this to update automatically as you work, run this task:

npm run doc:live

Versioned releases

npm version patch # Or "minor," or "major"

This will also use the gh-pages utility to deploy your versioned project with GitHub Pages.