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# Pine
-## An HTML 5 game console
+## An HTML5 game console
-There's no code just yet! We are a still in the planning stages of this
-project. Please [look at the wiki](
-to learn about Pine and discuss ideas or questions in the [Google
+Pine is a project with the goal of creating an HTML5 game console that runs on
+Raspberry Pi. The software stack is powered by Linux, NodeJS and Chromium.
+Please [look at the wiki]( to learn
+about Pine and discuss ideas or questions in the [Google
Group](!forum/pine-discuss). Participation of
any kind is welcomed and encouraged!
-This is __not__ vaporware. It will be some time before there are meaningful
-commits to Pine, simply because there is a lot of initial research involved
-with it. Stay tuned!

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