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MEAN app for Mindsoil CMS

View Locally

Clone repository:
$ git clone

Navigate to app directory:
$ cd mindsoil-admin

Install dependencies:
$ npm install

Run Node app:
$ node app.js

Open browser and navigate to localhost:5000/admin/

OR View as deployed on Heroku

Current Panel Features

  • See listing and number of all projects
    • Toggle whether a project shows on site
    • Toggle whether a project is featured on homepage (only if toggled to "show")
  • Add new projects (to MongoDB test database; persistent)
    • Project Name (must be unique; visual feedback if not)
    • Title
    • Blurb
    • Objective
    • Solution
    • Image (uploaded to folder /public/uploads/[uid]/)
    • (unique ID automatically assigned)
    • "Save" to add project and be taken to project edit page
    • "Save & Return" to add project and be taken back to listing page
    • "Cancel" to return to listing page without adding project
  • Edit existing projects
    • Update all text fields and existing image
  • Link back to listing via "Admin Panel" header

Future Panel Features

  • Delete projects within app
    • currently projects must be deleted directly from database
  • Update video on home page
  • Update/add/remove quotes on about page
  • Add videos to projects