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A simple Gameboy Emulator in RUST
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Simple Game Boy emulator

SGB is a game boy (classic) emulator writen in rust.

It has the purpose of demonstrating how to write an emulator, using both procedural and fonctionnal programming.


The emulator is structured in different modules :

  • MMU : Handle the memory access
  • GPU : Simulate the screen hardware, and render the video output
  • CPU : Emulate the instructions of a Z80 like microcontroler
  • IO : Memory mapping of some registers and control (buttons, etc...)
  • VM : All units glued together. Also give the functions for input / output.
  • Tools : Different utilitary functions

What does it do?

It handle sprites (8x8 and 8x16), background window, joypad and timer interrupts.

It can run the orinal game boy tetris game.

Keyboard mapping

Here is the key mapping :

A = Start S = Select Z = A X = B

And directional arrows for the cross.

How to use it?

First, you need rustc (the rust compiler) and cargo (the package manager for rust).

I recommand installing rustc through the rustc website with the command

curl -sSf | sh

Then, clone this git repository. Enter the folder, an launch your favorite rom with

cargo run --release ~/

If you want to skip the nintendo bios, you can just run

cargo run --release -- --no-boot ~/

Enjoy :)


At the moment, the emulator do not provide any sound output.

Next goals to archieve:

  • Implement all interrupts
  • Implement missing registers
  • Support window
  • Support the sprite rendering order
  • Implement MBC
  • Sound
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