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Kiloton is a web framework for Crystal that is loosley inspired by Ruby on Rails. It does not aspire to be as featureful as Rails but intends to provide a more comprehensive out of the box experience for the core components of a web app.

For me this means:

  • Compiles to a single static binary for easy deployment
  • No need to be running auxilliary services. Infrastructure you need is builtin.
    • No need to run sidekiq or equivalent, scalable job running is builtin.
    • No need to run seperate websocket server because the builtin one will Just Work at scale.
  • Seamless horizontal scaling with no need to worry about primary/secondary semantics
    • Cron/Scheduled jobs will be scheduled by one server but executed by many
  • Production ready by default
    • Automatically scales vertically on a single machine to the amount of cores available
    • All default behaviour will be scalable. No toy/cute behaviour that needs to changed later.
  • First class async workflows
    • Sometimes a business process is more complicated than a single endpoint
    • These highlevel flows should be first class instead of adhoc
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