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Fixed sync doc.

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1 parent f68d4ca commit 4c662ef4bc5f4c599611feacd4de25144f83964f @jeremycx committed Jan 3, 2013
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@@ -288,9 +288,9 @@ The options are as follows:
rid: '000',
cookie: '',
newcookie: function(cookie),
- syncrefresh: function(entryUUIDs, deletes),
- syncrefreshdone: function(),
- syncentry: function(data)
+ syncentry: function(data),
+ syncintermediate: function(data),
+ syncresult: function(data)
The cookie attribute is used to send a cookie to the server to ensure
@@ -308,30 +308,18 @@ newcookie(cookie)
This callback fires whenever the server sends a new cookie. You should
store this cookie somewhere for use in later reconnects.
-syncrefresh(entryUUIDs, deletes)
-This callback fires during the initial sync. It will include an array
-of UUIDs that are either to be deleted from the local DB, or a list of
-UUIDs that are to be kept in the local DB (whichever list is shorter).
-NOTE: this may be handled incorrectly, but I haven't seen OpenLDAP
-2.4.29 do anything but pass entryUUIDs back during the inital refresh stage.
-This callback is fired when the refresh phase is done. This is where
-you take the UUIDs provided by syncrefresh and add/delete the entries
-from the local DB.
-As records are added/modified/removed from LDAP, the records are
-passed to this callback. The entries have two additional single-valued
-attributes attached: _syncUUID and _syncState. These two attributes
-notify the callback what should be done with the record.

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