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jeremycx commented Mar 7, 2012

1.0.0 branch merged into master. New API! Built-in Sync!

jeremycx added some commits Feb 23, 2012

@jeremycx jeremycx Work begins on the reconnect architecture a57d15d
@jeremycx jeremycx Added replay of inflight requests that get lost during a reconnect. 88a4408
@jeremycx jeremycx Author: Jeremy Childs <jeremyc@ssimicro.com>
--- log message follows this line --- 
Sync functionality 10% complete.
@jeremycx jeremycx Added ldap_sync from openldap sources for reference. 1e46523
@jeremycx jeremycx Sync callbacks added to opt object.
Sync callbacks working.
@jeremycx jeremycx ldap_sync metged to make compatible with async operation.
Sync cookie does not appear to be working (yet).
Still need to add support for entryUUID list.
@jeremycx jeremycx Added phase and state to string. 3ab9f88
@jeremycx jeremycx More cleanup getting phases correct. 8096e3b
@jeremycx jeremycx New constants added. Scrub inputs in JS because it's easier. c54a187
@jeremycx jeremycx Add new cookie output.
Considering removing cookie from callbacks and letting LDAP.js handle this.
@jeremycx jeremycx Added working draft of sync protocol. 5473806
@jeremycx jeremycx Moved all cookie updates to a separate event. This allows LDAP.js to
remain in the loop regarding cookies, as well as proxying the events
out to the consumer for persistent storage.
@jeremycx jeremycx Moved all cookie updates to a separate event (which fires first so the
other event emitters get accurate cookie info.
@jeremycx jeremycx Added "cookie" as a public property. 112eb22
@jeremycx jeremycx Merge branch '1.0.0' of github.com:jeremycx/node-LDAP into 1.0.0 3c80477
@jeremycx jeremycx Removed debug fprintf. 0b13263
@jeremycx jeremycx Removed state debugging output. 0ba704b
@jeremycx jeremycx Simplified API. be0f8ec
@jeremycx jeremycx Remopved binding docs. f902970
@jeremycx jeremycx Started with new doc. c5a550f
@jeremycx jeremycx Added proper error flow to callbacks.
Added add,modify,rename (untested)
@jeremycx jeremycx Added err2string and error checking in LDAP results. a985546
@jeremycx jeremycx Free controls. ad847de
@jeremycx jeremycx Added OSX compat. d95e4e8
@jeremycx jeremycx Small bugfixes and compiler warnings.
Linux compat.
@jeremycx jeremycx Removed 32 bit malarkey. 4988b9e

@jeremycx jeremycx added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 7, 2012

@jeremycx jeremycx Merge pull request #15 from jeremycx/1.0.0

@jeremycx jeremycx merged commit 52a2b67 into master Mar 7, 2012

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