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import {
} from 'aws-lambda';
export declare interface CookieOptions {
domain?: string;
expires?: Date;
httpOnly?: boolean;
maxAge?: number;
path?: string;
secure?: boolean;
sameSite?: boolean | 'Strict' | 'Lax';
export declare interface CorsOptions {
credentials?: boolean;
exposeHeaders?: string;
headers?: string;
maxAge?: number;
methods?: string;
origin?: string;
export declare interface FileOptions {
maxAge?: number;
root?: string;
lastModified?: boolean | string;
headers?: { [key: string]: string };
cacheControl?: boolean | string;
private?: boolean;
export declare interface App {
[namespace: string]: HandlerFunction;
export declare type Middleware = (req: Request, res: Response, next: () => void) => void;
export declare type ErrorHandlingMiddleware = (error: Error, req: Request, res: Response, next: ErrorHandlingMiddleware) => void;
export declare type ErrorCallback = (error?: Error) => void;
export declare type HandlerFunction = (req: Request, res: Response, next?: NextFunction) => void | any | Promise<any>;
export declare type LoggerFunction = (message: string) => void;
export declare type NextFunction = () => void;
export declare type TimestampFunction = () => string;
export declare type SerializerFunction = (body: object) => string;
export declare type FinallyFunction = (req: Request, res: Response) => void;
export declare type METHODS = 'GET'
| 'POST'
| 'PUT'
| 'HEAD'
| 'ANY';
export declare interface SamplingOptions {
route?: string;
target?: number;
rate?: number
period?: number;
method?: string | string[];
export declare interface LoggerOptions {
access?: boolean | string;
customKey?: string;
detail?: boolean;
level?: string;
levels?: {
[key: string]: string;
messageKey?: string;
nested?: boolean;
timestamp?: boolean | TimestampFunction;
sampling?: {
target?: number;
rate?: number;
period?: number;
rules?: SamplingOptions[];
serializers?: {
[name: string]: (prop: any) => any;
stack?: boolean;
export declare interface Options {
base?: string;
callbackName?: string;
logger?: boolean | LoggerOptions;
mimeTypes?: {
[key: string]: string;
serializer?: SerializerFunction;
version?: string;
export declare class Request {
app: API;
version: string;
id: string;
params: {
[key: string]: string | undefined;
method: string;
path: string;
query: {
[key: string]: string | undefined;
headers: {
[key: string]: string | undefined;
rawHeaders?: {
[key: string]: string | undefined;
body: any;
rawBody: string;
route: '';
requestContext: APIGatewayEventRequestContext;
isBase64Encoded: boolean;
pathParameters: { [name: string]: string } | null;
stageVariables: { [name: string]: string } | null;
auth: {
[key: string]: any;
type: 'Bearer' | 'Basic' | 'OAuth' | 'Digest' | 'none';
value: string | null;
cookies: {
[key: string]: CookieOptions;
context: Context;
coldStart: boolean;
requestCount: number;
ip: string;
userAgent: string;
clientType: 'desktop' | 'mobile' | 'tv' | 'tablet' | 'unknown';
clientCountry: string;
log: {
trace: LoggerFunction;
debug: LoggerFunction;
info: LoggerFunction;
warn: LoggerFunction;
error: LoggerFunction;
fatal: LoggerFunction;
[key: string]: any;
export declare class Response {
status(code: number): this;
sendStatus(code: number): void;
header(key: string, value: string): this;
getHeader(key: string): string;
hasHeader(key: string): boolean;
removeHeader(key: string): this;
getLink(s3Path: string, expires?: number, callback?: ErrorCallback): Promise<string>;
send(body: any): void;
json(body: any): void;
jsonp(body: any): void;
html(body: any): void;
type(type: string): void;
location(path: string): this;
redirect(status: number, path: string): void;
redirect(path: string): void;
cors(options: CorsOptions): this;
error(message: string, detail?: any): void;
error(code: number, message: string, detail?: any): void;
cookie(name: string, value: string, options?: CookieOptions): this;
clearCookie(name: string, options?: CookieOptions): this;
etag(enable?: boolean): this;
cache(age?: boolean | number | string, private?: boolean): this;
modified(date: boolean | string | Date): this;
attachment(fileName?: string): this;
download(file: string | Buffer, fileName?: string, options?: FileOptions, callback?: ErrorCallback): void;
sendFile(file: string | Buffer, options?: FileOptions, callback?: ErrorCallback): Promise<void>;
export declare class API {
app(namespace: string, handler: HandlerFunction): App;
app(options: App): App;
get(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
get(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
post(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
post(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
put(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
put(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
patch(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
patch(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
delete(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
delete(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
options(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
options(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
head(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
head(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
any(path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
any(...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
METHOD(method: METHODS, path: string, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
METHOD(method: METHODS, ...handler: HandlerFunction[]): void;
use(path: string, ...middleware: Middleware[]): void;
use(paths: string[], ...middleware: Middleware[]): void;
use(...middleware: Middleware[]): void;
use(...errorHandlingMiddleware: ErrorHandlingMiddleware[]): void;
finally(callback: FinallyFunction): void;
run(event: APIGatewayEvent, context: Context, cb: (err: Error, result: any) => void): void;
run(event: APIGatewayEvent, context: Context): Promise<any>;
export declare class RouteError extends Error {
constructor(message: string, path: string);
export declare class MethodError extends Error {
constructor(message: string, method: METHODS, path: string);
export declare class ConfigurationError extends Error {
constructor(message: string);
export declare class ResponseError extends Error {
constructor(message: string, code: number);
export declare class FileError extends Error {
constructor(message: string, err: object);
declare function createAPI(options?: Options): API;
export default createAPI;
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