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This would create a `/v1/product` and `/v1/v2/product` route. You can also use `register()` to load routes from an external file without the `prefix`. This will just add routes to your `base` path. **NOTE:** Prefixed routes are built off of your `base` path if one is set. If your `base` was set to `/api`, then the first example above would produce the routes: `/api/v1/product` and `/api/v2/product`.

## Debugging Routes

Lambda API has a `routes()` method that can be called on the main instance that will return an array containing the `METHOD` and full `PATH` of every configured route. This will include base paths and prefixed routes. This is helpful for debugging your routes.

const api = require('lambda-api')()
api.get('/', (req,res) => {})'/test', (req,res) => {})
api.routes() // => [ [ 'GET', '/' ], [ 'POST', '/test' ] ]

You can also log the paths in table form to the console by passing in `true` as the only parameter.

const api = require('lambda-api')()
api.get('/', (req,res) => {})'/test', (req,res) => {})
// Outputs to console
POST/test ║


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