@jeremydaly jeremydaly released this Jan 7, 2019

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Feature Release

v0.10 now allows you to seamlessly switch between API Gateway and Application Load Balancers. New execution stacks enables method-based middleware and more wildcard functionality. Plus full support for multi-value headers and query string parameters.

ALB Support

Multi-value Header/Query String Parameter Support

  • Add support for multi-value query parameters 126bfbf
  • Test case for multiValueQueryStringParameters support 43b0f13
  • Additional test cases for #72 176597b
  • Reimplement multi-value query params 1545475
  • Add documentation for multiValueQuery a878dd2
  • Close #73 with multi-value header support and test updates c2e0f2f, c2cfe6b

Additional Wildcard Route Support

  • Close #78 by adding wildcard route support e130b99
  • Update wildcard route documentation 8367713

Method-based Middleware and Execution Stacks

  • Close #87 by adding new execution stack processing ebbb62e
  • Fix 'route not found' error with wildcard paths 34bb29b
  • Add 'stack' property to REQUEST 125993b

Miscellaneous Updates/Maintenance