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Feature Release

v0.5 removes Bluebird dependency and adds built-in CORS support, additional wildcard features, new HTTP header management methods and more.

Remove Bluebird Dependency

  • Close #26 by removing Bluebird promises and replacing processing with async/await a524445
  • Remove node 6/7 tests in favor of native async/await support 6b9396b
  • Close #29 by upgrading all tests to async/await 8496285, 0d39e0b

Built-In CORS Support

Additional Wildcard Features

  • Close #20 with additional wildcard support 28fead2
  • Update wildcard documentation 5cfe0b3

HTTP Header Management Methods

  • Close #23 with new getHeader() method 22793a5
  • Add hasHeader and removeHeader, modify headers to lowercase b4caff9
  • Update tests with lowercase headers 1d8ec09
  • Add getHeader documentation 41ff595
  • Add header convenience methods documentation c4b768b

HEAD Method Aliasing

  • Close #19 by adding HEAD alias for GET requests 5fdcd32
  • Add HEAD tests and convert tests to async/await d12e2e9
  • Add documentation for HEAD method 045c052

General Updates

  • Change file structure to include lib directory 95a6cde
  • Update requires for lib dir structure b49f51a
  • Update test requires for new dir structure b96320b
  • Added default error on sendFile catch if not explicit dd147a3
  • Add .promise() to S3 getObject call 8eebc99
  • Update S3 tests with promise mock 728f892
  • Fix missing request object issue on request error f6e9577
  • Version bump and new package-lock.json file 4391d9e
  • Update license file with new date 3e7713f
  • Update aws-sdk version b16c1a6
  • Add tests for catching request errors c5872c3

Additional Documentation