@jeremydaly jeremydaly released this May 18, 2018 · 134 commits to master since this release

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Feature Release

v0.6 adds a number of enhancements to route processing including support for both callback-style and async-await responses. Plus added Etag support, advanced method control with any(), head() and multi-method assignments, authorization parsing, and new route debugging features.

Etag Support

  • Close #22 by adding preliminary etag support bab5ba8
  • Add documentation for etag() c2fa313

Method Control Enhancements

  • Close #35 by adding head convenience method and updating HEAD aliasing befc95c
  • Documentation for head() convenience method b674c15
  • Close #31 by adding support for ANY method; reprioritize HEAD aliasing 86b529e
  • Documentation for any() method a4323d7
  • Close #32 by looping methods 20f3164
  • Update documentation with multi-method info bc3df07

Authorization Header Parsing

  • Close #40 by adding automatic authorization header parsing a35e3d8
  • Add documentation for new auth value 6527a9d

Route Debugging

  • Close #33 by adding a routes() method for displaying routes b5a48ce
  • Add documentation for routes() method c40d26c

Async/Await Response Support

  • Add async/await callback styles 2f674d6
  • Add documentation for callback-style and async-await support d130690
  • Documentation updates to middleware and error handling 7b01883

General Updates/Maintenance

  • Consolidate util calls c8a8c2e
  • Add patch tests 26a4d1f
  • Decouple API, request, and response to remove potential variable cross-contamination ed1f1b8
  • Add Table of Contents to readme 7c1dc43, 8ac2c86