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@jeremydaly jeremydaly released this 20 Aug 17:21

Feature Release

v0.8 adds several new features including a robust, highly-customizable logging engine that utilizes native JSON support for AWS CloudWatch Logs. The logging engine also supports "access" logs and provides a sampling utility to perform periodic request tracing. New middleware functionality has been added that allows you to specify multiple handlers and several convenience methods have been added for cache controls and signing S3 file URLs. Async/Await support has also been added to the main handler.

Logging and Sampling Support

Multiple Middleware Handler Support

  • Close #50 by adding support for multiple middlewares a2259a2

Cache Control Convenience Methods

  • Add cacheControl convenience method described in #49 ca795bc
  • Add no-cache option to #49 d0590a7
  • Add modified convenience method for adding last-modified headers #49 66230ad
  • Add documentation for cache and modified methods 6f87aaa, bbb86ee

Signed S3 File URLs

  • Close #56 with built in getSignedUrl f7f841e
  • Add s3 url signing to redirects 38b3477

Async/Await Support for Main Handler

  • Close #52 by adding main handler async support 5086386

Miscellaneous Updates/Maintenance