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Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 License
3 Installation
5 apeinfo
6 Source Control
1 Introduction
libapetag implements an APEv2 tag reader/writer. It aims for standards
compliance with the APEv2 tag specification [1]. APEv2 is the tagging format
used by Musepack (.mpc), Monday's Audio (.ape), WavPack (.wv), and OptimFROG
(.ofr) audio formats, and it can also be used with mp3s as an alternative to
2 License
libapetag is released under the MIT License, which gives you freedom to do
pretty much anything you want with it as long as you include a copy of the
license. A copy of the license is included in the MIT-LICENSE file.
3 Installation
Hopefully, it's as simple as:
$ make # build library
$ make regress # Check that all tests complete successfully
$ sudo make install # install library and program
However, this may fail, and if it does, hopefully it can be fixed by a simple
change in the Makefile. If you have to patch the library to make it work on
your system, please contribute patches back via SourceForge.
See the man page (man 3 apetag) for a description of the API.
5 apeinfo
apeinfo is a short C program that gives an example using the library. It just
analyzes the files given on the command line and outputs the contents of each
item in the tag if the tag exists.
6 Source Control
Public access to the source repository can be found at
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