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erl-ApeTag is a Erlang library for reading and writing APEv2 tags.
It aims for standards compliance with the APE spec (1). APEv2 is the standard
tagging format for Musepack (.mpc) and Monkey's Audio files (.ape), and it can
also be used with mp3s as an alternative to ID3v2.x (technically, it can be
used on any file type and is not limited to storing just audio file metadata).
The module is in written in pure Erlang. The minimum required version is
Erlang 13b, mostly because of the use of re module. It is developed and
tested on OpenBSD. It includes a full unit test suite.
First, you need to build the .beam emulator file:
Second, you should probably run the unit tests:
make regress
Finally, you should install it by copying apetag.beam to somewhere in Erlang's
load path, and apetag.hrl to somewhere in Erlang's header path. There isn't a
make target for this.
Example Usage
AT1 = apetag:get_tag_information("file.mp3"). # get basic information about tag
apetag:raw(AT1). # the raw APEv2+ID3v1 tag string in the file
AT2 = apetag:get_fields(AT1). # parse the tag body into individual items, which
# become available in AT2#apetag.fields
# keys are lowercase strings, values are records (#apeitem).
# Use Value#apeitem.key to get the real key.
apetag:pretty_print(AT3). # string suitable for pretty printing
AT4 = apetag:update(AT3, fun(Fields) ->
apetag:add_apeitem("Artist", "Test Artist", Fields) # Add item with key "Artist"
apetag:remove_apeitem("Year", Fields)) # Remove item with key "Year"
end). # Update the tag using a function that returns a new set of fields, by
# modifying the current fields with add_apeitem and remove_apeitem.
AT5 = apetag:remove(AT4). # remove the APEv2 and ID3v1 tags.
API Documentation
There is none really, other than the source. However, here's a brief overview:
new/1, new/2:
These aren't really needed unless you want to pass in the check_id3 flag to
new/2. You can pass a string as a filename to the exported functions that
accept apetag records.
get_fields/1, get_tag_information/1, pretty_print/1, raw/1, remove/1:
These all take either an apetag record or a string as a filename. raw
returns a binary, pretty_print returns a string, the others return an
apetag record. get_tag_information populates everything in the apetag
record except for fields, get_fields populates everything. Remove removes
the tag from the file.
This takes either an apetag record or string as filename for the first
argument, and a function that accepts the existing fields and returns
modified fields to write back to the file. It modifies the file and
returns an apetag record.
add_apeitem/3, add_apeitem/4, add_apeitems/2, remove_apeitem/2,
These all modify the fields, and should only be used within update/2.
add_apeitem(Key, Value, Fields) - adds item with Key and Value to Fields
add_apeitem(Key, Value, Flags, Fields) - adds item with Key, Value, and
Flags to Fields
add_apeitems([{Key1, Value1}, {Key2, Value2, Flag2}, ...], Fields) -
Use add_apeitem for multiple items at once, to save typing
remove_apeitem(Key, Fields) - Removes Key from Fields
remove_apeitem([Key1, Key2, ...], Fields) - Removes all keys from Fields
If you find any bugs, would like additional documentation, or want to submit a
patch, please use Sourceforge (
The most current source code can be accessed via github
( Note that the library
isn't modified on a regular basis, so it is unlikely to be different from the
latest release.
- Allow use of read only flag on tag itself
- Make any bad footer flags an error instead of assuming no tag exists
- Initial Public Release