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Commits on Jun 18, 2014
Commits on Nov 10, 2013
Commits on Mar 5, 2013
Commits on Feb 21, 2013
  1. Update ruby library, fix binary items, bump version to 1.1.5

    This makes binary items that don't contain UTF-8 format data
    work correctly.  This required some refactoring changes
    as previously items were checked for UTF-8 validity before
    the type flag was checked.
    This adds the ApeTag#has_id3? method for checking for an existing
    id3 tag.  There are other minor changes as well.
    This updates the test suite to use the files in the test-files
Commits on Jul 9, 2012
  1. Fix Thrash Metal genre name

    When I originally wrote the first library, I must have picked
    up a typo from an existing list.  Since all other libraries
    just used the same genre list, this typo was never caught.
Commits on Jan 21, 2011
  1. Bump version to 1.1.4

  2. Better handling of encodings on ruby 1.9.

    This makes parsed ApeItems always use a US-ASCII encoding for keys
    and a UTF-8 encoding for values.  In addition, when you update
    a tag, it will transcode the key and values to US-ASCII and UTF-8,
    respectively.  This should be complete encoding support on ruby 1.9.
    Add a couple new tests and a few new test data files related
    to this support.
Commits on Jan 16, 2011
  1. Bump version to 1.1.3

  2. Support ruby 1.9 with the -Ku flag

    This probably doesn't support all encodings or handle encoding
    correctly in all cases, but it's a start.
    Update the test suite so it runs correctly on 1.9.
Commits on Jul 6, 2008
  1. Add ruby/Rakefile for easier maintenance

    Update apetag.rb to reflect the RDoc on
    Remove autorequire from gemspec
    Add homepage to gemspec
    Add .gitignore file
Commits on Apr 7, 2008
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