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Libaries for reading/writing APEv2 tags in many languages

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This repository contains various APEv2 tag reader/writer libraries
that I've created for different languages.  It serves two purposes:

1) The best way to learn a language is to actually start programming
in it.  Creating an APEv2 reader/writer library is something that
requires you get get your hands dirty in the language, without taking
too much time.

2) Making sure an APEv2 library is available for more programming
languages.  I think the ID3v2.x tagging standards for mp3s are
terrible and that APEv2 is much simpler and easier.  Hopefully with
easy API access to APEv2 tags, more programs will start offering
APEv2 tagging as an alternative to ID3v2.  Also, APEv2 is the
tagging standard used in many of the fringe audio formats, so
users of those formats will be able to use these libraries to
access metadata in the programming language of their choice.
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