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hs-ApeTag is a haskell library for reading and writing APEv2 tags.  

It aims for standards compliance with the APE spec (1). APEv2 is the standard
tagging format for Musepack (.mpc) and Monkey's Audio files (.ape), and it can
also be used with mp3s as an alternative to ID3v2.x (technically, it can be
used on any file type and is not limited to storing just audio file metadata).

The module is in written in pure haskell, and is tested on ghc 7.4.2.

(1) http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=APEv2_specification

Example Usage

import ApeTag

fileHasAPE "file.mp3"
  # whether file already has an APEv2 tag
  # see also: fileHasID3, handleHasAPE, handleHasID3

removeFromFile "file.mp3"
  # remove the APEv2 and ID3v1 tags from the file
  # see also: removeFromHandle

fromFile "file.mp3"
  # An ApeTag, which is a Data.Map of lowercase item key Strings to ApeItems.
  # ApeItem is data type with the following entries:
  # * itemKey - The actual case of the item key (String)
  # * itemValues - The item's values (List of Strings)
  # * itemReadOnly - Whether the item's read-only flag is set (True/False)
  # * itemFlags - The type of the item (FlagUTF8, FlagBinary, FlagExternal,
  #               FlagReserved)
  # see also: fromHandle, fromString

kvMapFromTag tag
  # Takes an ApeTag, returns a Data.Map of key Strings to a List of value
  # Strings.

kv1MapFromTag tag
  # Takes an ApeTag, returns a Data.Map of key Strings to a single value
  # String (multiple values are joined with ", ").

apeItemKV1 "Key" "Value"
  # Creates an ApeItem with a key, single value, not read-only, in UTF-8.

apeItemKV "Key" ["Value1", "Value2"]
  # Creates an ApeItem with a key, multiple values, not read-only, in UTF-8.

apeItem "Key" ["Value1", "Value2"] FlagBinary True
  # Creates an ApeItem with a key, multiple values, read-only, in binary.

addApeItem tag item
  # Takes an ApeTag and an ApeItem, returns a new ApeTag with that
  # item included.

removeApeItem tag "Key"
  # Takes an ApeTag and key string, returns a new ApeTag with the
  # related item removed.

toFile tag
  # Takes an ApeTag, writes it to the given file.  Any existing ID3/APE
  # tag will be removed, and the new tag will be written.
  # see also: toFileWithID3, toHandle, toHandleWithID3


The most current source code can be accessed via github


Jeremy Evans <code@jeremyevans.net>