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aqualung-scrobbler - scrobbler for Aqualung


Aqualung 1.0+ or svn version 1263+, configured with lua extensions enabled.
curl (for uploading scrobbles)
md5, python, perl, or ruby (for MD5 digest creation)


./ # Follow instructions


* Only scrobbles one track at a time.
* If there is an error in scrobbling, the scrobble is lost.
* Scrobbling only happens on next track play, so if you stop after playing
  a track and don't play another track, the last track played won't get
* Reloading the lua interpreter will cause the currently playing track not
  to get scrobbled.
* Not thoroughly reviewed for security issues, shells out to curl using
  metadata from the audio files being played, possible issues with
  untrusted audio files, use at your own risk.
* Not thoroughly tested.


Jeremy Evans <>
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