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2010-01-31 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta11
* Add PulseAudio support as contributed by PCMan plus a few minor
* Added option for starting Aqualung hidden in tray. Useful when
running Aqualung automatically after login.
* Implement auto roll to active track functionality. Thanks to Chris
Craig for the excellent patch.
* Support new Musepack API (patch by Yavor Doganov)
* New keybinding: Ctrl-S to stop after currently playing song has
ended. Thanks to cobines for the patch.
* Add support for more versatile mouse-systray interaction. Thanks to
cobines for the excellent patch.
* Added support for new GtkTooltip API (since 2.12). Fixed tooltip
disappearing issue because of too frequent tooltip updates.
* Automatically add/remove stores when they become available or
disappear (most likely due to mount/unmount operations). Modified
stores will not be removed automatically.
* Add support for an application_title lua function separate from the
playlist_title lua function, so that the window title and the main
title label of the player is configurable from Lua.
* Don't require restart to update programmable title format file
* Don't use sndfile's Ogg decoder (always use native Ogg library)
* Fix FFmpeg headers detection in configure script
* Fix compiler warnings on 64 bit. Thanks to Zoltan Kovacs for the
* Fix crash on 64 bit when Aqualung is compiled without SRC support
and file contains metadata. Thanks to Zoltan Kovacs for tracking the
problem and providing the patch.
* Fixed crash when pasting into playlist without copying first (empty
* Fix a suspected regression: space toggles state of combined
play/pause button when a file is loaded.
* Fix lockup at end of playlist.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when clicked on a picture of a file in
the File Info dialog and the file format did not support metadata.
* Fix playlist column size allocation by eliminating manual/delayed
calculations and utilizing the built-in COLUMN_AUTOSIZE feature
* Fix crash when invoking the File Info dialog for an MPEG internet
* Fix inversion of enabled/diasbled state of tooltips.
* Fix crash when loading .m3u with invalid filename.
* Updated translations: German, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian
* New translations:
Japanese by Norihiro Yoneda
French by Julien Lavergne
* Up-to-date user documentation
2009-02-08 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta10
* Add programmable title format support.
This commit embeds a Lua interpreter inside of Aqualung for the
purpose of allowing the user full control over the title format. It
allows the user to use any metadata field that Aqualung recognizes,
as well as a few fields from the file info in order to compose a
title field. See the documentation update included in this release
for usage information for this feature.
* Loop playback enhancements:
New key bindings '<' and '>' for adjusting loop range start and end
(respectively) to the current playing position. Active only when
track repeat mode is on and a track is currently playing or paused.
Added tooltip showing loop range in percentage and time (if there is
a track loaded). Tooltips must be globally enabled for this feature.
* Allow the systray to be disabled even if support is compiled in.
* Add support for saving single playlists in M3U format. If the
playlist file name ends with .m3u, it will save in M3U format (one
filename per line) instead of the Aqualung XML format. This only
affects the logic around saving single playlists; if you save all
playlists at once, it will always use the XML format, because the
M3U format does not support multiple playlists.
* Add support for sndio backend, bringing the total number of
backends to five. libsndio was recently introduced in OpenBSD as
a simple audio API that supports OpenBSD's builtin sound server,
* Add playlist context menu option 'Roll to active song'.
* Optionally combine Play and Pause buttons into a single button.
* Fix gapless MPEG audio playback (correct offset calculation) when
ID3v2 tag is present.
* Export can now copy files instead of reencoding them using the new
target format "Copy".
* A subset of input files can be forced to be copied instead of being
reencoded. There are two criteria for this: when the source file is
already in the target format, and when the source file matches any
of a comma-separated list of wildchards (similarly to the builder
exclusion list). Both options can be enabled/disabled from the
Export dialog.
* Handle HTTP/1.0 responses.
* When updating all feeds, insert 1 second delay between individual feeds.
* Added right-click menu items for adding only new podcasts to playlist.
* Music Stores can now use relative paths instead of absolute ones,
allowing users to mount the same collection on different mount
points (just one use case). Implementation is based on the patch by
Russell Johnston, big thanks for both the idea and the
contribution. A checkbox for toggling this feature is added to the
Edit Store dialog (accessible via the right-click menu of stores).
* All filenames use the GLib filename encoding instead of locale
encoding. This is the proper and official way of doing it; if you
have issues using filenames with special characters, consider
variables. If you are using an UTF-8 locale (a very wise choice),
you have nothing to worry about.
* Add extra check for mad.h presence to configure.
* New store builder option to automatically remove non-existing files
from the store. It is disabled by default.
* Added new Swedish translation by Niklas Grahn.
* Numerous minor bugfixes.
2008-02-10 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta9.1
This is a bugfix, stability and performance oriented release also
containing a few updates to existing functionality. By using this
version, your Aqualung will be more stable, and in some cases
significantly faster. All users are encouraged to upgrade.
The project homepage has moved to
Please upgrade your pointers and bookmarks.
Notable changes:
* Playlist code refactoring for improved performance. Please note
that incompatible changes have been made to the playlist format:
this means that your old playlists won't be parsed, you'll have to
re-create them.
(NOTE: Music Store contents are unaffected. If we ever change the
Music Store format in a backward-incompatible way, we will provide
tools to migrate your precious store data.)
* Fix threading problems that caused random crashes for some users.
* Fix lurking bug that sometimes resulted in getting stuck at the
beginning of a track when Sinc interpolator sample rate converters
were used.
* Modified the way of opening ALSA output to achieve non-exclusive
driver access.
* New, more versatile title string generating templates. Make sure
to check the documentation.
* Added option to periodically save playlist.
* Several fixes concerning command line file and playlist loading,
esp. with the -L flag.
* Better metadata handling for external files in playlist.
* Increment CDDB revision number on resubmitting an existing
disc. This is essential for correcting existing CDDB entries,
otherwise the CDDB server rejects the submission. The latest CVS
version from is required for this to work
(Aqualung-Win32 is built with this version).
* OpenBSD-related portability fixes. Aqualung should now compile
cleanly and be fully functional OOTB on OpenBSD 4.2.
* Updated German, Hungarian and Italian translations. Added
Russian translation.
2007-12-19 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta9
This is a major release bringing significant new functionality and
many important fixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.
As always, the up-to-date User Manual is available at:
Major additions:
* Fundamentally new Metadata system, using native decoders and
private code instead of TagLib to provide complete support for
reading and writing metadata, including ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4,
APE, Ogg Xiph comments and FLAC picture frames, as well as
read-only support for ReplayGain in Musepack stream data and
various metadata received in internet radio streams. Aqualung
also provides a batch tagger facility to quickly propagate Music
Store metadata to file metadata.
* Support for podcasts. Aqualung can subscribe to RSS and Atom
audio podcasts, and automatically download and add new files to
the Music Store. Optional limits for the age, size and number of
downloaded files can be set.
* Support for exporting files from Music Store or Playlist with
audio transcoding and intelligent metadata transfer. Useful for
burning your favourite tracks to CD, filling your portable
player, etc.
* Aqualung now compiles and runs on OpenBSD.
* Smoother skin changing.
* Option to disable skin support (for themed environments).
* Lots of fixes, cleanups & refactoring.
* TagLib is not used anymore.
2007-07-07 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta8
This is a major release bringing significant new functionality and
many important fixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.
Major additions:
* Support for internet radio streams using Ogg Vorbis and MP3
audio encoding.
* Tabbed playlist support, very similar in concept to the tabbed
browsing feature of Firefox.
Smaller fixes, rewrites and additions have been also done,
particularly to the following areas:
* Cut/copy/paste functionality implemented in playlist. Works with
the usual Ctrl-X/C/V key combinations.
* MPEG decoder: more robust in case of corrupt UBR files.
* Command-line local and remote file loading.
* M3U and PLS parsers.
* HTTP proxy handling.
* RVA handling: now supports setting a default value for
unmeasured tracks.
* Icons and Documentation.
* Added Italian translation.
2007-02-18 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta7.1
This is a bugfix release, for some important fixes that were found
due to the greater user coverage after the beta7 release.
* Fixed drag and drop from external applications.
* Remove selected tracks and invert selection in Playlist are now
fast (optimized and improved).
* Shortcut 'A' (show active song) doesn't interfere with CTRL+A
(select all).
* Added checks for NULL pointers as a workaround for a TagLib bug.
* Added native WavPack decoder contributed by Maarten Maathuis.
2007-02-05 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta7
This release introduces important new features and bugfixes.
Main reasons for upgrading:
* CD Audio support, complete with CDDB, CD-Text, etc. You can play
Audio CDs directly, or rip them to WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or MP3
(CBR/VBR, gapless via LAME) complete with tagging, on the fly.
* Revamped Music Store Builder: better operation, greater flexibility.
* Support FFmpeg library enabling the recognition of numerous formats
e.g. AC3, AAC, WMA, WavPack, and the soundtrack of many video files.
* Replaygain support for APEv2 tags.
* Ability to set looping range when looping a single file. Should be
useful for people playing along a recording, trying to learn phrases
of a song.
* Adding music to the playlist is now a non-blocking, interruptible
background operation.
* Drag-and-drop files from external sources (Nautilus, Konqueror, etc)
into the Aqualung playlist.
* Several critical memory leak fixes.
* Numerous GUI refinements; fixed some rare bugs in engine, too.
* Support for building against the new FLAC 1.1.3 API.
* Aqualung operates correctly on bigendian systems (32 and 64 bit).
* Running natively on MS Windows. A port of TAP-plugins is included
in the installer. See for more.
All of these are optional; Aqualung will build without them,
disabling the functionality they provide.
* libcdio >= 0.76 is required for CD audio support.
* libvorbisenc for ripping into Ogg Vorbis.
* libmp3lame for ripping into MP3.
2006-10-03 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta6
This release introduces a fair number of substantial improvements:
* Music Store builder: automatically build a Music Store by scanning the
files on disk. Perform CDDB lookups & extract metadata on the fly.
* MPEG decoder enhancements: robust file recognition, VBR and UBR file
support, frame-accurate seeking, true gapless playback via eliminating
encoder padding+delay read from LAME headers.
* Fully revamped metadata support using TagLib. The result is a more
complete implementation also supporting APE tags in Musepack files.
* Automatic output driver detection: ability to startup without command
line arguments (using default driver parameters).
* Systray (a.k.a. Notification Area) support.
* Handling of compressed MOD files (.gz and .bz2).
* Resolved issue with JACK memory locking (which previously resulted in
runaway memory consumption).
* Aqualung compiles & runs under FreeBSD and Cygwin.
* TagLib >= 1.4 is now required for metadata support.
* GTK+ >= 2.10 is needed for the (optional) Systray support.
* libid3tag library is not required anymore (succeeded by TagLib).
2006-06-30 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta5
This is a new milestone release after 17 months of silent
development. Large parts of the program have been rewritten,
refactored, fixed, etc. A multitude of new features have been
added to the software, which now weighs into Open Source with
about 30,000 lines of GPL'ed source code written by a handful of
free-time developers (no, you won't need your whole hand).
It won't make too much sense to precisely list every change made
to the sources during this period - the list would be prohibitively
lengthy. For the curious, the mailing list archive is recommended.
The most important, high-level changes are summarized below.
* Group CDs in the Playlist via "Album mode". Shuffle between
records but play their contents in order!
* Statusbars in Playlist and Music Store display statistics and
other data.
* Multiple Music Stores are supported - useful for separate
genres, file formats or for music mounted from different file
servers via NFS.
* CDDB support!
* iFP driver support for integrating with iRiver HW players!
* Completely reworked Settings dialog, the new control center!
* Embed Playlist into Main window for a more compact look!
* Search facility for Music Store and Playlist.
* Add support for Musepack (via libmpcdec), Monkey's Audio, Ogg Speex.
* Rudimentary album art (cover display) support.
* RVA-related work, improved metadata support.
* Fixed a boatload of bugs concerning cyrillic filenames, etc.
* MP3 improvements (file recognition, clipping, seeking...)
* Better fault tolerance in Ogg Vorbis decoder.
* Various GUI fixes, new command line options, etc, etc.
* Improved build system for skins, icons, etc.
* New skins (Ocean, Plain), new Logo (see About box)! ;-)
* Better RT behaviour with Jack output
* Compiles and runs on AMD64 (thanks to Mark Knecht for testing)!
2005-01-30 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta4.1
This minor release fixes a crashing bug discovered shortly
after the release of beta4. No new functionality was added.
2005-01-28 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Aqualung 0.9beta4
* liblrdf 0.4.0 is now required (was: 0.3.7)
* libid3tag library required if you want ID3v2 support
* Internationalization support via gettext. German, Hungarian
and Ukrainian translations available; new translations for any
language happily accepted at any time
* Implemented read support for .m3u and .pls
playlist formats. The formats are distinguished using
file extensions (case insensitive). Now you can supply .m3u or .pls
files on the command line, or select one in the Load/Enqueue Playlist
option of the playlist window's popup menu. Aqualung does not
implement shoutcast ATM, so URLs will be simply discarded.
* new 'File info' dialog box (accessible from the Music Store and
the Playlist) displays FLAC stream metadata, Ogg Vorbis comments and
ID3v2 tags found in the soundfiles.
* playback RVA support. Aqualung has its own system for this, from
volume level calculation of files in the Music Store, to adjusting
the dynamics characteristics to your listening environment.
* Import FLAC/Vorbis/ID3v2 metadata into the Music Store via the
'File info' dialog accessed from the Music Store.
On the right side of the tag data fields, there are buttons
to import every piece of information into relevant fields
of the Music Store database.
In particular, ID3v2.4 RVA tags can be imported as manual RVA
adjustment values.
* many changes to enable displaying track lengths and RVA values
in the Playlist. You can configure the column order in the Playlist,
and displaying Lengths and RVA values can be turned off.
(Track lengths are shown on the right side, RVA is hidden by default.)
* New Settings notebook page "Playlist" for configuring the behavior of
this stuff.
* new remote option to terminate an already running instance:
the -Q or --quit option will cause the instance specified by -N, or
the 0-th instance by default, to terminate (just as if you exited it
* added support for remotely changing the volume via the --volume or
-V option. Defaults to the 0th running instance.
* major code rearrangement of Aqualung Core
(file decoder is abstracted, runnable in multiple instances at the
same time, separated in file_decoder.[ch])
* added all four basic aqualung skins (dark, default, metal, woody) to
CVS. These are automatically available after a make install from now,
no need to install them separately.
* also, the skins have been updated to match recent new dialogs & widgets
* docs update (manpage, HTML) for the beta4 release.
* ./configure won't stop anymore if an optional library is missing,
unless --with-PACKAGE is applied. Closes mantis bug #16.
* Changes to the interface for adding files to the playlist
locally or remotely
* Implemented conversion from/to UTF8/locale charset. (Closes mantis
bug #7). Note: please set the environment variable G_BROKEN_FILENAMES
or G_FILENAME_ENCODING appropriately if your filesystem encoding is
not UTF8. See
for details.
* Starting playback of a new track via double-clicking
on it in the playlist is now allowed when another track
is being paused. (Closes bug #14)
* Implemented cue-from-paused-state functions (re: bug #15) as
suggested by SGh.
* Added check for pkg-config -exist "jack" to
Up till now, the ./configure script failed to detect the condition
when the jack daemon is present, but development files are not.
(As if you installed JACK from a distro, but forgot to include
the corresponding -dev package.)
* Implement trashlist object to collect and eventually
free pieces of memory that are malloc'ed in an ad-hoc
manner in different places, but need to be freed sometime.
* Use the trashlist to collect and free some memory that
was leaked until now in LADSPA plugin dialogs and the
File info dialog.
* renamed "Options" dialog to "Settings". This name better suits the
purpose of this dialog.
* minor rearrangement of "Add Artist", "Edit Artist", "Add Record",
"Edit Record", "Add Track" & "Edit Track" dialogs, hopefully for
the better.
* changed About box font to normal (Courier is not always available)
* Workaround LADSPA plugin loading bug on ReiserFS
(use the --with-brokenplfix configure option)
2004-09-09 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Added support for remotely controlling running instances as well
as adding new files to their playlists.
* Added support for adding files to playlist from the command
* Display instance numbers in title bar (except for the first
* Minor fixes to the internal cueing logic.
* Aqualung 0.9beta3
2004-09-06 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* Added support for MOD file formats (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, etc.)
* When using JACK output with custom client name, this client name
is displayed in the title bar of the main window
* Aqualung 0.9beta2
2004-09-03 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>
* First public release: Aqualung 0.9beta1
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