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@@ -7,9 +7,17 @@ Forme is a HTML forms library for ruby with the following goals:
3. Support forms both with and without related objects
4. Allow compiling down to different types of output
+= Demo Site
+A demo site is available at
+= Source Code
+Source code is available on GitHub at
= Basic Usage
-Without an object, is a simple form builder:
+Without an object, Forme is a simple form builder:
f =>'/foo', :method=>:post) # '<form action="/foo" method="post">
@@ -18,11 +26,9 @@ Without an object, is a simple form builder:
f.close # '</form>'
With an object, calls +forme_input+ on the obj with the form, field, and options, which
-should return a <tt>Forme::Input</tt> instance.
+should return a <tt>Forme::Input</tt> or <tt>Forme::Tag</tt> instance.
f =
- # obj.forme_input(:field, opts)
- # =>, :name=>'obj[field]', :id=>'obj_field', :value=>'foo')
f.input(:field) # '<input id="obj_field" name="obj[field]" type="text" value="foo"/>'
If the object doesn't respond to +forme_input+, it falls back to creating text fields
@@ -34,7 +40,7 @@ on the object.
-Forme comes with DSL:
+Forme comes with a DSL:
Forme.form(:action=>'/foo') do |f|
f.input(:text, :name=>'bar')
@@ -49,6 +55,18 @@ Forme comes with DSL:
# </fieldset>
# </form>
+You can wrap up multiple inputs with the <tt>:inputs</tt> method:
+ Forme.form(:action=>'/foo') do |f|
+ f.inputs([[:text, :name=>'bar'], [:textarea, :name=>'baz']])
+ end
+ # <form action="/foo">
+ # <fieldset>
+ # <input name="bar" type="text"/>
+ # <textarea name="baz"></textarea>
+ # </fieldset>
+ # </form>
= Main Classes
<tt>Forme::Form</tt> :: main object
@@ -68,9 +86,17 @@ uses the +Formatter+, +ErrorHandler+, +Labeler+, +Wrapper+, +InputsWrapper+, and
= Sequel Support
Forme ships with a Sequel plugin (use <tt>Sequel::Model.plugin :forme</tt> to enable), that makes
-Sequel::Model instances support the +forme_input+ method and return customized inputs, such as
-checkboxes for boolean columns cannot be NULL, 3-valued select boxes for boolean columns that can be
-NULL, select boxes for many_to_one associations, and multi-select boxes for *_to_many associations.
+Sequel::Model instances support the +forme_input+ method and return customized inputs.
+It deals with inputs based on database columns, virtual columns, and associations. It also handles
+nested associations using the +subform+ method:
+ Forme.form(Album[1], :action=>'/foo') do |f|
+ f.inputs([:name, :copies_sold, :tags]) do
+ f.subform(:artist, :inputs=>[:name])
+ f.subform(:tracks, :inputs=>[:number, :name])
+ end
+ end
= Sinatra ERB Support
@@ -91,8 +117,10 @@ All of these have external dependencies:
1. Rails built-in helpers
2. Formtastic
-4. simple_form
-3. padrino-helpers
+3. simple_form
+4. padrino-helpers
+Forme's API draws a lot of inspiration from both Formtastic and simple_form.
= Author

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