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# The meta_def extension is designed for backwards compatibility
# with older Sequel code that uses the meta_def method on
# Database, Dataset, and Model classes and/or instances. It is
# not recommended for usage in new code. To load this extension:
# Sequel.extension :meta_def
module Sequel
# Contains meta_def method for adding methods to objects via blocks.
# Only recommended for backwards compatibility with existing code.
module Metaprogramming
# Define a method with the given name and block body on the receiver.
# ds = DB[:items]
# ds.meta_def(:x){42}
# ds.x # => 42
def meta_def(name, &block)
(class << self; self end).send(:define_method, name, &block)
Database.extend Metaprogramming
Database.send(:include, Metaprogramming)
Dataset.extend Metaprogramming
Dataset.send(:include, Metaprogramming)
if defined?(Model)
Model.extend Metaprogramming
Model.send(:include, Metaprogramming)
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