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@jeremyevans authored
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-=== HEAD
+=== 3.21.0 (2011-03-01)
* Make symbol splitting (:table__column___alias) work correctly for identifiers that are not in the \w character class (authorNari)
87 doc/release_notes/3.21.0.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,87 @@
+= New Features
+* A tinytds adapter was added, enabling Sequel users on a C-based
+ ruby running on *nix easy access to Microsoft SQL Server.
+ Previously, the best way to connect to Microsoft SQL Server from
+ a C-based ruby on *nix was to use the ODBC adapter with unixodbc
+ and freetds. However, setting that up is nontrivial, while
+ setting up tinytds is very easy.
+ Note that the tinytds adapter currently requires the git master
+ branch of tiny_tds, but tiny_tds 0.4.0 should include the related
+ changes.
+* An association_autoreloading plugin has been added to Sequel,
+ which removes stale many_to_one associations from the cache when
+ the associated foreign key setter is used to change the value of
+ the foreign key.
+* bin/sequel now operates more like a standard *nix utility.
+ If given a file on the command line after the connection
+ string, it will assume that file has ruby code and load it.
+ If stdin is not a tty, it will read from stdin and execute it
+ as ruby code.
+ For recent Linux users, this means you can have a shebang line
+ such as:
+ #!/usr/bin/sequel postgres://user:pass@host/db
+ to create a self contained script.
+* bin/sequel now supports -r and -I options similar to ruby's
+ -r and -I options.
+* MySQL datasets now have a calc_found_rows method that uses
+ SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS, which provides a fast way to limit the
+ number of results returned by a dataset while having an easy
+ way to determine how many rows would have been returned if no
+ limit was applied.
+= Other Improvements
+* The Sequel::Model.plugin method can now be overridden just like
+ any other method. Previously, it was the only method that
+ was defined directly on the class. This allows the creation
+ of plugins that can modify the plugin system itself.
+* Symbol splitting (:table__column___alias) now works correctly
+ for identifiers that include characters that aren't in [\w ].
+ Among other things, this means that identifiers with accented
+ characters or even kanji characters can be used with symbol
+ splitting.
+* If cover? is defined, it is now used in preference to include?
+ for the validates_includes/validates_inclusion_of validations.
+ ruby 1.9 defines include? differently for some ranges and can
+ be very slow, while cover? is similar to the 1.8 behavior of
+ just checking the beginning and end of the range.
+* The bin/sequel -L option now takes effect even if the -m,
+ -C, -d, or -D options are used.
+* The schema_dumper extension now recognizes the "bigint unsigned"
+ type.
+* On Microsoft SQL Server, if joining to a subselect that uses a
+ common table expression, that common table expression is
+ promoted to the main dataset. This allows most queries to work
+ correctly, but is vulnerable to issues if both the current
+ dataset and the joined dataset use common table expressions with
+ the same name. Unfortunately, unlike PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL
+ Server does not allow common table expressions to occur in
+ subselects.
+* The NULL/NOT NULL, DEFAULT, and UNIQUE column options now
+ use the proper order on H2 and Oracle, so they can now be
+ used in conjunction with each other.
+* Row locks are now enabled on Oracle.
+* The join_table method on MySQL no longer ignores the block it was
+ given.
+* The informix adapter now supports ruby-informix version >= 0.7.3,
+ while still being backwards compatible with older versions.
+* The specs now run under both RSpec 2 and RSpec 1.
2  lib/sequel/version.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 20
+ MINOR = 21
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
TINY = 0
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