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commit 59d4d41d5fe46658721c7d8b8d39b8878dd0fc9a 1 parent c821226
@jeremyevans authored
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-=== HEAD
+=== 3.40.0 (2012-09-26)
* Add a cubrid adapter for accessing CUBRID databases via the cubrid gem (jeremyevans)
73 doc/release_notes/3.40.0.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,73 @@
+= New Features
+* Sequel now has vastly improved support for Microsoft Access.
+* Sequel now supports the CUBRID database, with a cubrid adapter
+ that uses the cubrid gem, and a jdbc/cubrid adapter for accessing
+ CUBRID via JDBC on JRuby.
+* The association_pks plugin now supports composite keys.
+* Database#transaction now accepts a :disconnect=>:retry option,
+ in which case it will automatically retry the block if it
+ detects a disconnection. This is potentially dangerous, and
+ should only be used if the entire block is idempotent. There
+ is also no checking against an infinite retry loop.
+* SQL::CaseExpression#with_merged_expression has been added, for
+ converting a CaseExpression with an associated expression to
+ one without an associated expression, by merging the expression
+ into each condition.
+= Other Improvements
+* Sequel now quotes arguments/columns in common table expressions.
+* Sequel now handles nil values correctly in the pg_row extension.
+* Sequel::Postgres::HStore instances can now be marshalled.
+* Sequel now uses clob for String :text=>true types on databases that
+ don't support a text type.
+* On PostgreSQL, Sequel now quotes channel identifier names when using
+* On PostgreSQL, Sequel now correctly handles the case where named
+ type conversion procs have been added before the Database object is
+ instantiated.
+* On DB2, Sequel now explicitly sets NOT NULL for unique constraint
+ columns instead of foreign key columns. DB2 does not allow columns
+ in unique constraints to be NULL, but does allow foreign key columns
+ to be NULL.
+* In the oracle adapter, clob values are now returned as ruby strings
+ upon retrieval.
+* Sequel now detects more types of disconnections in the postgres,
+ mysql, and mysql2 adapters.
+* If a database provides a default column value that isn't a ruby
+ string, it is used directly as the ruby default, instead of causing
+ the schema parsing to fail.
+= Backwards Compatibility
+* Code using Sequel's oracle adapter that expected clob values to be
+ returned as OCI8::CLOB instances needs to be modified to work with
+ ruby strings.
+* Because Sequel now quotes column names in common table expressions,
+ those names are now case sensitive, which could break certain poorly
+ coded queries. Similar issues exist with the quoting of channel
+ identifier names in LISTEN/NOTIFY on PostgreSQL.
+* The private Database#requires_return_generated_keys? method
+ has been removed from the jdbc adapter. Custom jdbc subadapters
+ relying on this method should override the private
+ Database#execute_statement_insert method instead to ensure that
+ RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS is used for insert statements.
+* The private Dataset#argument_list and #argument_list_append methods
+ have been removed.
2  lib/sequel/version.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 39
+ MINOR = 40
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
TINY = 0
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