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commit 5f43a5db63a70599b87f4a1a921d7d5918269ea2 1 parent 274ccec
@jeremyevans authored
@@ -1,4 +1,6 @@
-=== HEAD
+=== 3.17.0 (2010-11-05)
+* Ensure that the optimistic locking plugin increments the lock column when using Model#modified! (jfirebaugh)
* Correctly handle nil values in the xml_serializer plugin, instead of converting them to empty strings (george.haff) (#313)
58 doc/release_notes/3.17.0.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
+= New Features
+* You can now change the level at which Sequel logs SQL statements,
+ by calling Database#sql_log_level= with the method name symbol.
+ The default is still :info for backwards compatibility. Previously,
+ you had to use a proxy logger to get similar capability.
+* You can now specify graph aliases where the alias would be the same
+ as the table column name using just the table name symbol, instead
+ having to repeat the alias as the second element of an array. More
+ clearly:
+ # < 3.17.0:
+ DB[:a].graph(:b, :a_id=>:id).
+ set_graph_aliases(:c=>[:a, :c], :d=>[:b, :d])
+ # >= 3.17.0:
+ DB[:a].graph(:b, :a_id=>:id).set_graph_aliases(:c=>:a, :d=>:b)
+ Both of these now yield the SQL:
+ SELECT a.c, b.d FROM a LEFT OUTER JOIN b ON (b.a_id =
+* You should now be able to connect to MySQL over SSL in the native
+ MySQL adapter using the :sslca, :sslkey, and related options.
+* Database#views and Database#view_exists? methods were added to the
+ Oracle adapter, allowing you to get a an array of view name symbols
+ and to check whether a given view exists.
+= Other Improvements
+* The nested_attributes plugin now avoids unnecessary update calls
+ when deleting associated objects, resulting in better performance.
+* The optimistic_locking plugin now increments the lock column if no
+ other columns were modified but the Model#modified! was called. This
+ means it now works correctly with the nested_attributes plugin when
+ no changes to the main model object are made.
+* The xml_serializer plugin can now round-trip nil values correctly.
+ Previously, nil values would be converted into empty strings. This
+ is accomplished by including a nil attribute in the xml tag.
+* Database#each_server now works correctly when using the jdbc and do
+ adapters and a connection string without a separate :adapter option.
+* You can now clone many_through_many associations.
+* The default wait_timeout used by the mysql and mysql2 adapters was
+ decreased slightly so that it works correctly with MySQL database
+ servers that run on Windows.
+* Many improvements were made to the AS400 jdbc subadapter.
+* Many improvements were made to the swift adapter and subadapters.
+* Dataset#ungraphed now removes any cached graph aliases set with
+ set_graph_aliases or add_graph_aliases.
2  lib/sequel/version.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 16
+ MINOR = 17
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
TINY = 0
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