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Give example combining eager_graph with where/order (Fixes #565)

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@@ -65,6 +65,18 @@ Remember, using +eager_graph+ is generally only necessary when you need to
filter/order based on columns in an associated table, it is recommended to
use +eager+ for eager loading if possible.
+One advantage of using +eager_graph+ is that you can easily filter/order
+on columns in an associated table on a per-query basis, using regular
+Sequel dataset methods. For example, if you only want to retrieve artists
+who have albums that start with A, and eager load just those albums,
+ordered by the albums name, you can do:
+ albums = Artist.
+ eager_graph(:albums).
+ where(, 'A%')).
+ order(:albums__name).
+ all
For lazy loading (e.g. Model[1].association), the <tt>:dataset</tt> option can be used
to specify an arbitrary dataset (one that uses different keys, multiple keys,
joins to other tables, etc.).

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