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-=== HEAD
+=== 3.26.0 (2011-08-01)
* Fix bug in default connection pool if a disconnect error is raised and the disconnection_proc also raises an error (jeremyevans)
88 doc/release_notes/3.26.0.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,88 @@
+= Performance Enhancements
+* The internal implementation of eager_graph has been made 75% to
+ 225% faster than before, with greater benefits to more complex
+ graphs.
+* Dataset creation has been made much faster (2.5x on 1.8 and 4.4x on
+ 1.9), and dataset cloning has been made significantly faster (40%
+ on 1.8 and 20% on 1.9).
+= Other Improvements
+* Strings passed to setter methods for integer columns are no longer
+ considered to be in octal format if they include leading zeroes.
+ The previous behavior was never intended, but was a side effect of
+ using Kernel#Integer. Strings with leading zeroes are now treated
+ as decimal, and you can still use the 0x prefix to treat them as
+ hexidecimal. If anyone was relying on the old octal behavior, let
+ me know and I'll add an extension that restores the octal behavior.
+* The identity_map plugin now works with the standard eager loading
+ of many_to_many and many_through_many associations.
+* Database#create_table! now only attempts to drop the table if it
+ already exists. Previously, it attempted to drop the table
+ unconditionally ignoring any errors, which resulted in misleading
+ error messages if dropping the table raised an error caused by
+ permissions or referential integrity issues.
+* The default connection pool now correctly handles the case where a
+ disconnect error is raised and an exception is raised while
+ running the disconnection proc.
+* Disconnection errors are now detected when issuing transaction
+ statements such as BEGIN/ROLLBACK/COMMIT. Previously, these
+ statements did not handle disconnect errors on most adapters.
+* More disconnection errors are now detected. Specifically, the ado
+ adapter and do postgres subadapter now handle disconnect errors,
+ and the postgres adapter handles more types of disconnect errors.
+* Database#table_exists? now always issues a query to select from the
+ table, it no longer attempts to parse the schema to determine the
+ information on PostgreSQL and Oracle.
+* Date, DateTime, and Time values are now literalized correctly on
+ Microsoft Access.
+* Connecting with the mysql adapter with an options hash now works if
+ the :port option is a string, which makes it easier to use when the
+ connection information is stored in YAML.
+* The xml_serializer plugin now works around a bug in pure-Java
+ nokogiri regarding the handling of nil values.
+* Nicer error messages are now used if there is an attempt to call
+ an invalid or restricted setter method.
+* The RDocs are now formatted with hanna-nouveau, which allows for
+ section ordering, so the Database and Dataset RDoc pages are
+ more friendly.
+= Backwards Compatibility
+* If you call a Dataset method such as #each on an eager_graphed
+ dataset, you now get plain hashes that have column alias symbol
+ keys and their values. Previously, you got a graphed response with
+ table alias keys and model values. It's not wise to depend on the
+ behavior, the only supported way of returning records when eager
+ loading is to use #all.
+* An error is now raised if you attempt to eager load via
+ Dataset#eager a many_to_many association that includes an
+ :eager_graph option. Previously, incorrect SQL would have been
+ generated and an error raised by the database.
+* Datasets are no longer guaranteed to have @row_proc,
+ @indentifier_input_method, and @identifier_output_method defined
+ as instance variables. You should be be using methods to access
+ them anyway.
+* Database#table_exists? on PostgreSQL no longer accepts an options
+ hash. Previously, you could use a :schema option. You must now
+ provide the schema inside the table argument (e.g. :schema__table).
+* If you want to use the rdoc tasks in Sequel's Rakefile, and you are
+ still using the hanna RDoc template with RDoc 2.3, you need to
+ upgrade to using hanna-nouveau with RDoc 3.8+.
2 lib/sequel/version.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 25
+ MINOR = 26
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
TINY = 0

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