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commit 883be00d36f48c9469e6aa6e8ceba7d8fa4e678d 1 parent 429e0b7
@jeremyevans authored
@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
-=== HEAD
+=== 3.15.0 (2010-09-01)
+* Make emulated alter_table tasks on SQLite correctly preserve foreign keys (DirtYiCE, jeremyevans)
+* Add support for sequel_pg to the native postgres adapter when pg is used (jeremyevans)
* Make class MyModel < Sequel::Model(DB[:table]) reload safe (jeremyevans)
78 doc/release_notes/3.15.0.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,78 @@
+= Performance Enhancements
+* A mysql2 adapter was added to Sequel. It offers a large (2-6x)
+ performance increase over the standard mysql adapter. In order to
+ use it, you need to install mysql2, and change your connection
+ strings to use mysql2:// instead of mysql://.
+* Support for sequel_pg was added to the native postgres adapter,
+ when pg is being used as the backend. sequel_pg also offers a
+ large (2-6x) performance increase over the default row fetching
+ code that the Sequel postgres adapter uses. In order to use it,
+ you just need to install sequel_pg, and the postgres adapter will
+ pick it up automatically.
+* Mass assignment has been made about 10x faster by caching the
+ allowed setter methods in the model.
+= Other Improvements
+* The following construct is now safe to use in environments that
+ reload code without unloading existing constants:
+ class MyModel < Sequel::Model(DB[:table])
+ end
+ Previously, this would raise a superclass mismatch TypeError.
+* Sequel now handles the case where both an implicit and an explicit
+ table alias are given to join_table, preferring the explicit alias.
+ This can happen if you are using models with aliased table names
+ and eager graphing them. Previously, this would result in invalid
+ SQL, with both aliases being used.
+* You can use use an aliased table for the :join_table option
+ of a many_to_many association.
+* The active_model plugin now supports the final release of
+ ActiveModel 3.0.0.
+* Typecasting now works correctly for attributes loaded lazily
+ when using the lazy_attributes plugin.
+* The class_table_inheritance plugin now works with non-integer
+ primary keys on SQLite.
+* Temporary tables are now ignored when parsing the schema on
+ PostgreSQL.
+* On MySQL, an :auto_increment key with a true value is added to
+ the Database#schema output hash if the related column is
+ auto incrementing.
+* The mysql adapter now handles Mysql::Error exceptions raised when
+ disconnecting.
+* On SQLite, emulated alter_table commands that require dropping
+ the table now preserve the foreign key information, if SQLite
+ foreign key support is enabled (it is by default).
+* DSN-less connections now work correctly in more cases in the
+ ODBC adapter.
+* A workaround has been added for a bug in the Microsoft SQL
+ Server JDBC Driver 3.0, involving it incorrectly returning a
+ smallint instead of a char type for the IS_AUTOINCREMENT
+ metadata value.
+* An bug in the error handling when connecting to PostgreSQL using
+ the do (DataObjects) adapter has been fixed.
+= Backwards Compatibility
+* The caching of allowed mass assignment methods can result in the
+ incorrect exception class being raised if you manually undefine
+ instance setter methods in the model class. If you do this, you
+ need to clear the setter methods cache manually:
+ MyModel.clear_setter_methods_cache
2  lib/sequel/version.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ module Sequel
# The minor version of Sequel. Bumped for every non-patch level
# release, generally around once a month.
- MINOR = 14
+ MINOR = 15
# The tiny version of Sequel. Usually 0, only bumped for bugfix
# releases that fix regressions from previous versions.
TINY = 0
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