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Only include adapter files when running coverage specs for adapters

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1 parent 3a4f753 commit aa74a34535962d45e9e25b456231fedc2383c88b @jeremyevans committed May 24, 2012
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@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ begin"spec_integration", Dir["spec/integration/*_test.rb"], "Run integration tests")
%w'postgres sqlite mysql informix oracle firebird mssql db2'.each do |adapter|
-"spec_#{adapter}", ["spec/adapters/#{adapter}_spec.rb"] + Dir["spec/integration/*_test.rb"], "Run #{adapter} specs")
+"spec_#{adapter}", ["spec/adapters/#{adapter}_spec.rb"] + Dir["spec/integration/*_test.rb"], "Run #{adapter} specs"){|t| t.rcov_opts.concat(%w'--exclude "lib/sequel/([a-z_]+\.rb|connection_pool|database|dataset|model|extensions|plugins)"')}
desc "Run model specs without the associations code"

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