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Treat interval as it's own type instead of string

The problem with treating interval as a string type is that it
doesn't convert the empty string to nil.  Give interval it's own
type, :interval.  Also, makes sure that all cases in
schema_column_type uses case insensitive and optimized regular
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commit b5b9f9bd575ea32ab3beece885ea644e7324e29e 1 parent d720ec0
@jeremyevans authored
Showing with 13 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +1 −1  CHANGELOG
  2. +12 −10 lib/sequel_core/schema/sql.rb
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
* More optimization of Model#initialize (jeremyevans)
-* Treat interval as a string type, not an integer type (jeremyevans)
+* Treat interval as it's own type, not an integer type (jeremyevans)
* Allow use of implicitly qualified symbol as argument to Symbol#qualify (:a.qualify(:b__c)=>b.c.a), fixes model associations in different schemas (jeremyevans) (#246)
22 lib/sequel_core/schema/sql.rb
@@ -261,25 +261,27 @@ def schema_utility_dataset
# integer, string, date, datetime, boolean, and float.
def schema_column_type(db_type)
case db_type
- when /\Atinyint/
+ when /\Atinyint/io
Sequel.convert_tinyint_to_bool ? :boolean : :integer
- when /\A(character( varying)?|varchar|text|interval)/
+ when /\Ainterval\z/io
+ :interval
+ when /\A(character( varying)?|varchar|text)/io
- when /\A(int(eger)?|bigint|smallint)/
+ when /\A(int(eger)?|bigint|smallint)/io
- when /\Adate\z/
+ when /\Adate\z/io
- when /\A(datetime|timestamp( with(out)? time zone)?)\z/
+ when /\A(datetime|timestamp( with(out)? time zone)?)\z/io
- when /\Atime( with(out)? time zone)?\z/
+ when /\Atime( with(out)? time zone)?\z/io
- when "boolean"
+ when /\Aboolean\z/io
- when /\A(real|float|double( precision)?)\z/
+ when /\A(real|float|double( precision)?)\z/io
- when /\A(numeric(\(\d+,\d+\))?|decimal|money)\z/
+ when /\A(numeric(\(\d+,\d+\))?|decimal|money)\z/io
- when "bytea"
+ when /\Abytea\z/io
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