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Document foreign_key :name option in schema_modification.rdoc

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@@ -162,6 +162,25 @@ column, but create a foreign key constraint:
foreign_key [:artist_name, :artist_location], :artists
+When using an array of symbols, you can also provide a :name option to name the constraint:
+ create_table(:albums) do
+ String :artist_name
+ String :artist_location
+ String :name
+ foreign_key [:artist_name, :artist_location], :artists, :name=>'albums_artist_name_location_fkey'
+ end
+If you want to add a foreign key for a single column with a named constraint, you must use
+the array form with a single symbol:
+ create_table(:albums) do
+ primary_key :id
+ Integer :artist_id
+ String :name
+ foreign_key [:artist_id], :artists, :name=>'albums_artist_id_fkey'
+ end
==== +index+
+index+ creates indexes on the table. For single columns, calling index is the same as using the
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