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Update CHANGELOG for recent massive commit

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=== HEAD
+* Database#quote_identifiers= now affects future schema modification statements, even if it is not used before one of the schema modification statements (jeremyevans)
+* Fix literalization of blobs when using the PostreSQL JDBC subadapter (jeremyevans)
+* Fix literalization of date and time types when using the MySQL JDBC subadapter (jeremyevans)
+* Convert some Java specific types to ruby types on output in the JDBC adapter (jeremyevans)
+* Add Database#tables method to JDBC adapter (jeremyevans)
+* Add H2 JDBC subadapter (logan_barnett, david_koontz, james_britt, jeremyevans)
+* Add identifer_output_method, used for converting identifiers coming out of the database, replacing the lowercase support on some databases (jeremyevans)
+* Add identifier_input_method, used for converting identifiers going into the database, replacing upcase_identifiers (jeremyevans)
* Add :allow_missing validation option, useful if the database provides a good default (jeremyevans)
* Fix literalization of SQL::Blobs in DataObjects and JDBC adapter's postgresql subadapters when ruby 1.9 is used (jeremyevans)
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