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Sequel does not support GROUP BY or HAVING (patch included) #35

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I've added support for GROUP BY and HAVING in the attached patches. A
future refactoring might rename methods such as Dataset#where_list to
something more generic (as the same formatting is used for the HAVING
clause). Dataset#filter is no longer an alias for where. #filter will apply
conditions to the WHERE or HAVING clause depending on whether the dataset
has been grouped or not. It is assumed that if you're using #where or
#having, you specifically want your conditions put into those clauses. An
exception is raised if you try to add a having clause to an ungrouped
dataset through #having, or if you try to modify the where clause on a
grouped dataset through #where. Some basic specs are included in the second

Comments/suggestions are very welcome if you don't like this approach.

Google Code Info:
Issue #: 5
Created On: 2007-04-09T18:14:42.000Z
Closed On: 2007-04-10T09:03:32.000Z

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@jeremyevans jeremyevans closed this

Fixed in trunk. Thanks for your great patches.

Google Code Info:
Created On: 2007-04-10T09:03:32.000Z

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