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prepared statement rounds Time parameter value down to second #450

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When used with PostgreSQL, normal generated query SQL contains Time information with microseconds.

Switching to prepared statements, time information is rounded to a second (and overall, time string sent to DB looks like just output of the .to_s method).

For now, I am working around this issue by binding variable to 'dataset.literal(some_time)' instead of 'some_time'.

Here are 2 log lines for same query, one plain, one prepared:

UPDATE "alert_subscriptions" SET "locked_by" = '75584', "locked_at" = '2012-03-08 20:52:04.162872-0500' WHERE (("locked_by" IS NULL) OR (locked_at < '2012-03-08 18:52:04.162872-0500'))

EXECUTE lock_all_available_subscriptions; ["75584", 2012-03-08 20:52:04 -0500, 2012-03-08 18:52:04 -0500]


I'm pretty sure this is due to ruby-pg bug #111:

It's probably not difficult to work around that bug as I did in the pg_auto_parameterize extension. We'd just need to preprocess the args inside execute_prepared_statement in the postgres adapter. Best first step for this would be to add integration tests for the fractional seconds to the prepared statement integration tests. It's also likely that Sequel::SQL::Blob arguments need to be escaped, as otherwise you miss stuff after "\0" (pg bug #112).

It would be better to fix these issues in ruby-pg, but I'll try to commit the above workarounds tomorrow.


You are right, Jeremy, it looks like this is indeed issue with ruby-pg driver.

Thank you for fixing it in the sequel itself in the meantime.


I plan to commit this tomorrow after additional testing. You might want to give it a shot in the meantime:

@jeremyevans jeremyevans closed this issue from a commit
@jeremyevans Work around ruby-pg bugs 111 (Time/DateTime fractional seconds) and 1…
…12 ("\0" in bytea) in bound variable arguments (Fixes #450)

Handle the argument translation at a low level, by adding it
directly to the adapter that Sequel uses.  Remove the previous
workarounds for this support from the pg_auto_parameterize
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