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Good morning,

i have a issue when reading a dataset from MSSQL server 2000 db.
i'm connection using this way:
Sequel.connect(:adapter=>'odbc',:driver=>'SQL Server',:server=>'myserver',:uid=>'myuser',:pwd=>'mypass',:database=>'mydb',:db_type=>'mssql', :encoding => 'utf8', :charset => 'utf8')

this is the dataset's row result of my query:

the problem is that myField in db is an nvarchar(8) and in my result is truncated on last char (returned 7 chars instead of 8 chars)

Thanks in advance,


jeremyevans commented Aug 17, 2012

Looking at your results, it appears that myField has 9 chars instead of 8, if you include the two \x00 chars. I believe this is an ruby-odbc issue, as I've seen similar issues on ruby-odbc with \x00 values. You should try using the tinytds adapter instead of the odbc adapter, it will probably work better.

Unless you can show the underlying ruby-odbc connection object can return correct results if used directly, I'm going to assume this is a ruby-odbc issue.

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