Symbols being treated as columns in VALUES clause #547

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jc00ke commented Sep 11, 2012

This tripped us up for a bit 😉

When I pass a symbol in as a value, I expect it to be treated like a string, so single quotes. However, it is parsed as a double quoted/escaped string, which in Postgres causes

Sequel::Database Error: PG::Error: column "foos" does not exist

Here's an example of what we were working with

    [:x_target_id, :target_id, :target_type],
    [['@foo:asdf', 459, :foos]]
=> ["INSERT INTO \"targets\" (\"x_target_id\", \"target_id\", \"target_type\") VALUES ('@foo', 459, \"foos\")"]

I would expect that last "foos" to be 'foos'.

sequel 3.39.0, sequel_pg 1.6.0, and pg 0.14.1


jeremyevans commented Sep 11, 2012

This behavior is by design. In Sequel, symbols represent SQL identifiers, not SQL strings. Your expectation would break the case where you want to set a column value to the current value of another column, and would be inconsistent with the rest of Sequel.


jc00ke commented Sep 11, 2012

OK, that's understandable. Simple fix for us too. Thanks!

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