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limit! does not reset offset when passed nil #571

dlee opened this Issue Oct 23, 2012 · 2 comments

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dlee commented Oct 23, 2012

Passing nil to Dataset#limit! resets limit, but does not reset offset:

> ds = DB[:nodes]
 => #<Sequel::Postgres::Dataset: "SELECT * FROM \"nodes\""> 
> ds.limit! 5, 5
 => #<Sequel::Postgres::Dataset: "SELECT * FROM \"nodes\" LIMIT 5 OFFSET 5"> 
> ds.limit! nil, nil
 => #<Sequel::Postgres::Dataset: "SELECT * FROM \"nodes\" OFFSET 5"> 

This isn't specific to limit!, it applies to limit as well. But I agree that it is a bug that should be fixed, I'll take care of it shortly.


Note that for what you want, unlimited is a better method to call.

@jeremyevans jeremyevans added a commit that closed this issue Oct 23, 2012
@jeremyevans Make dataset.limit(nil, nil) reset offset as well as limit (Fixes #571)
Note that you should probably use unlimited instead of limit(nil,nil).
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