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Incorrect SQL for "count" of dataset with OFFSET #587

r-stu31 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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irb(main):014:0> RssItem.order(:id).limit(nil, 4).sql
=> "SELECT * FROM \"rss_items\" ORDER BY \"id\" OFFSET 4"
irb(main):015:0> RssItem.order(:id).limit(nil, 4).all.count
(0.000870s) SELECT * FROM "rss_items" ORDER BY "id" OFFSET 4
=> 1
irb(main):016:0> RssItem.order(:id).limit(nil, 4).count
(0.000828s) SELECT COUNT(*) AS "count" FROM "rss_items" LIMIT 1 OFFSET 4
=> 0

The "count" should probably internally use "from_self":

irb(main):017:0> RssItem.order(:id).limit(nil, 4).from_self.count
(0.000977s) SELECT COUNT(*) AS "count" FROM (SELECT * FROM "rss_items" ORDER BY "id" OFFSET 4) AS "t1" LIMIT 1
=> 1

Dataset#count already uses from_self internally in many cases (distinct, group, limit, union/intersect/except), but not currently for offset without a limit. I'll fix that.

@jeremyevans jeremyevans closed this issue from a commit
@jeremyevans Make Dataset#count use a subselect when the dataset has an offset wit…
…hout a limit (Fixed #587)

Dataset#count already used a subselect if there was a limit on
the dataset, but it didn't previously consider the offset without
limit case.
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