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Error trying calling register_row_type with qualified type name #595

soupmatt opened this Issue · 2 comments

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When you have :pg_array and :pg_row_type loaded, and you try

DB.register_row_type(Sequel.qualify(:my_schema, :my_type))

the PgArray extension throws an error for calling to_s on the result of the Sequel.qualify call.

Here's a link to the LOC that is causing the issue in 3.42.0


This should be fairly easy to fix using schema_and_table in the pg_array extension. I'm currently on vacation for the next few weeks, but I can work on it when I get back.


Giving another look at the code, the pg_array extension should not be concerned with schemas, since it doesn't access the database. I'll work around this issue in the pg_row extension.

@jeremyevans jeremyevans closed this issue from a commit
@jeremyevans Handle schema-qualified row_types in the pg_array integration in the …
…pg_row extension (Fixes #595)

This isn't a bulletproof fix, but it does fix the issue in most
cases.  A more complete fix would handle quoting of the type
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