resetting PK sequences in postgres doesn't work when you define a default_schema #596

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This is from the adapters/shared/postgres.rb file on line 433:

get{setval(seq, db[table].select{coalesce(max(pk){:increment_by}, seq_ds.s     elect(:min_value))}, false)}

In the instance of where I create a connection to postgres defining a default_schema like so:


db[table] above doesn't take into account that default_schema has been set, and is still operating under the public schema in postgres.

This is my workaround (notice the table re-assignment) to get it working (works, but sort of feels hacked).

def reset_primary_key_sequence(table)
        return unless seq = primary_key_sequence(table)
        pk =
        db = self 
        seq_ds = db.from(
        table = "#{db.default_schema || 'public'}__#{table}".to_sym
        get{setval(seq, db[table].select{coalesce(max(pk){:increment_by},}, false)}

Unless I'm missing something obvious, it seems like the Sequel object doesn't have any concept of what the search_path in the Postgres connection is.

If I try to pass the table name in already schema-qualified, primary_key_sequence(table) fails, because the translation it makes is "default_schema"."schema.sequence_name" and thus returns and does nothing.

Let me know if you'd like me to add more info.


Thanks for the patch. It seems like the most common use-case is just accessing multiple schemas, rather than supporting the same table names in multiple schemas. This trivial method might really be the first of a series of features that makes multiple-schema support in Postgres possible:

def set_search_path(path, opts={})
  self << set_search_path_sql(path, opts)

def set_search_path_sql(path, opts={})
  "SET search_path = #{path}"

I added the patch and a spec to my fork. By the time you get to it, I may have added a slightly more sophisticated search_path mechanism that determines whether you want to include public or not in your path.


Unfortunately, you can't use Database#<< to make connection level changes, since the change will only affect a single connection. You need to use an after_connect proc, or patch the adapter so that the queries are sent during Database#connect.

For people that want to modify the PostgreSQL search path, I recommend using an after_connect proc to do so. I'll consider patches that support a :search_path option when creating a Database to make setting the search path easier and more adapter-independent (after_connect requires adapter-dependent code).

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