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resetting PK sequences in postgres doesn't work when you define a default_schema #596

set5think opened this Issue December 22, 2012 · 3 comments

2 participants

Hassan Shahid Jeremy Evans
Hassan Shahid

This is from the adapters/shared/postgres.rb file on line 433:

get{setval(seq, db[table].select{coalesce(max(pk){:increment_by}, seq_ds.s     elect(:min_value))}, false)}

In the instance of where I create a connection to postgres defining a default_schema like so:


db[table] above doesn't take into account that default_schema has been set, and is still operating under the public schema in postgres.

This is my workaround (notice the table re-assignment) to get it working (works, but sort of feels hacked).

def reset_primary_key_sequence(table)
        return unless seq = primary_key_sequence(table)
        pk =
        db = self 
        seq_ds = db.from(
        table = "#{db.default_schema || 'public'}__#{table}".to_sym
        get{setval(seq, db[table].select{coalesce(max(pk){:increment_by},}, false)}

Unless I'm missing something obvious, it seems like the Sequel object doesn't have any concept of what the search_path in the Postgres connection is.

If I try to pass the table name in already schema-qualified, primary_key_sequence(table) fails, because the translation it makes is "default_schema"."schema.sequence_name" and thus returns and does nothing.

Let me know if you'd like me to add more info.

Jeremy Evans
Hassan Shahid

Thanks for the patch. It seems like the most common use-case is just accessing multiple schemas, rather than supporting the same table names in multiple schemas. This trivial method might really be the first of a series of features that makes multiple-schema support in Postgres possible:

def set_search_path(path, opts={})
  self << set_search_path_sql(path, opts)

def set_search_path_sql(path, opts={})
  "SET search_path = #{path}"

I added the patch and a spec to my fork. By the time you get to it, I may have added a slightly more sophisticated search_path mechanism that determines whether you want to include public or not in your path.

Jeremy Evans

Unfortunately, you can't use Database#<< to make connection level changes, since the change will only affect a single connection. You need to use an after_connect proc, or patch the adapter so that the queries are sent during Database#connect.

For people that want to modify the PostgreSQL search path, I recommend using an after_connect proc to do so. I'll consider patches that support a :search_path option when creating a Database to make setting the search path easier and more adapter-independent (after_connect requires adapter-dependent code).

Jeremy Evans jeremyevans closed this in 52ad6b0 January 07, 2013
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