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Bug in select_map with aliased field? #599

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doesn't work, while:

d ={DATE(creation_datetime).as(days)}

does. Is this expected?

FWIW, here's the intermediate SQL for the query before the select_map call:

irb(main):018:0> Entry.group_and_count{DATE(creation_datetime).as(days)}
=> #<Sequel::Mysql2::Dataset: "SELECT DATE(`creation_datetime`) AS `days`, count(*) AS `count` FROM `entries` GROUP BY DATE(`creation_datetime`) ORDER BY `creation_datetime`">

As you can see, the field is being appropriately aliased, so I don't know why select_map isn't able to reference the alias.


This isn't a bug. select_map(:days) is basically select(:days).map(:days), and the select(:days) call overrides the SELECT clause added by group_and_count. If you used an SQL logger, this would probably be more obvious. The reason your &d example works is that you are using the same argument in both calls, while in your first example the argument given to group_and_count is different than the argument given to select_map.

Long story short, use map(:days) instead of select_map(:days) in cases where you are setting the SELECT clause via some other method.

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