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PgFromOnly extension add #pg_only method to identifiers #449

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This will allow to compose PostgreSQL select * from only "table", update only "table" and delete from only "table" expressions (second attempt of #448)

I rewrote it as sequel/extensions/pg_from_only. Is it now better?
I placed tests into spec/adapters/postgres_spec.rb cause they depends on PostgreSQL connection, but may be it is not best place.

@funny-falcon funny-falcon PgFromOnly extension add #pg_only method to identifiers
  This will allow to compose PostgreSQL `select * from only "table"`,
  `update only "table"` and `delete from only "table"` expressions

This is better, but still has issues.

First, I'll need to be convinced that this feature should be included in Sequel. I still think this feature is too niche, so to convince me otherwise, you'll need to post on the sequel-talk mailing list and get the community behind your request. If a number of members in the community are in favor of including it as one of the extensions that ship with Sequel, I'll reconsider it.

Second, I don't like the current implementation. Overriding qualified_identifier_sql_append to handle this case is wrong. A PgOnlyIdentifier should not be either the qualifier or the qualified in a qualified identifier. I'm guessing you are only including that in to work around automatic qualification when joining. A better fix for that would be to refactor qualified_column_name and then after refactoring, handle the PgOnlyIdentifier case in an overridden method. I think the revised workaround I posted in #448 (using an alias to fix the qualification issue) is a better and simpler way to implement this feature.

I'm closing this now. I'll reopen it later if both issues are taken care of.

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