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Mention the problems with third_base that I discovered while
developing home_run, and point the user to use home_run instead.
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@@ -9,6 +9,14 @@ ways:
- ThirdBase doesn't depend on Ruby's Rational class
- ThirdBase always uses the gregorian calendar
+== home_run
+This library has been replaced by home_run, which is a much faster version
+written mostly in C. home_run is also much more compatible with the
+standard library, and works on both ruby 1.8 and ruby 1.9. For more details:
== Background
The Ruby standard Date class tries to be all things to all people. While
@@ -26,11 +34,11 @@ be removed, and there can be significant improvements in speed.
To check out the source code:
- git clone git://
+ git clone git://
== Installation
- sudo gem install third_base
+ gem install third_base
== Usage and Compatibility
@@ -123,7 +131,19 @@ if you have no errors, it should be OK to use, and you'll get a nice speedup.
* The gregorian calendar is now the only calendar used
* All parsed two digit years are mapped to a year between 1969 and 2068
* Default parsing may be different, but the user can modify the parsers used
-* Potentially others, but hopefully anything else can be fixed
+* Does not handle negative values in constructors
+* Date.day_fraction_to_time's 4th array entry is a fraction of the second
+ (between 0 and 1) instead of fraction of the second as fraction of the day
+ (between 0 and 1/86400.0)
+* Date.ajd_to_jd returns the argument instead of a 2 element aray
+* Date._strptime returns a Date instance instead of a hash
+* Calling constructors with no arguments yields a date that doesn't have
+ jd 0
+* Date#new_offset only modifies the offset, changing the absolute time,
+ instead of keeping the same absolute time by modifying the offset and
+ the local time.
+* Only the 1.8 API is implemented, so may it not work correctly on 1.9
+* Probably others too
== Pluggable Parsers

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