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  • No breaking changes to the Gemfile are expected
  • We expect to modify the format of Gemfile.lock.
    • This should be the final change
    • This means you will not be able to upgrade a locked app directly from 0.9 to 1.0.
  • Bundler will automatically generate Gemfile.lock when any resolve is successful.
    • This means the bundle lock command will no longer be needed.
  • Bundler will conservatively update Gemfile.lock from the last successful resolve if the Gemfile has been modified since the last use of bundler.
    • This means that adding a new gem to the Gemfile that does not conflict with existing gems will not force an update of other gems.
    • This also means that we will not force an update to previously resolved dependencies as long as they are compatible with some valid version of the new dependency.
    • When removing a gem, bundle install will simply remove it, without recalculating all dependencies.
  • We will be adding bundle update for the case where you -do- wish to re-resolve all dependencies and update everything to the latest version.
    • bundle update will also take a gem name, if you want to force an update to just a single gem (and its dependencies).
  • There will be a way to install dependencies that require build options
  • We will add groups that are opt-in at install-time, rather than opt-out.
  • We will reduce open bug count to 0 for the final 1.0 release.
  • Some additional features that require more thought. For details, see


  • Stop upgrading 0.9 lockfiles
  • Delete vestigial gems installed into ~/.bundle/ by 0.9