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== 0.3.7
*jeremyf - updated engine to not verify SSL
== 0.3.7
* er1c added start_index and max_results
* er1c added paging for all results
* er1c added get_to_csv to "stream" saving results to a file IO
* thieso2 fix DataPoint when GA-Path includec colons
* nedski Added support for proxy via env var
== 0.3.6
* Updated gem to pass tests under 1.9.1
== 0.3.5
* Added ability to parse addition query strings
* Added test to verify behavior
== 0.3.4
* Removed Hash#to_query as this directly conflicts with Rails Hash#to_query method.
* Removed Hash#stringify_keys as it was not used in the code base.
== 0.3.2
* er1c updated to use standard Ruby CSV library
== 0.3.0
* Support for filters (filters are all AND'ed together, no OR yet)
== 0.2.1
* More robust error checking on HTTP calls
* Added to_xml to get raw XML output from Google
== 0.2.0 / 2009-04-27
* Changed initialization format: pass a hash of options rather than individual email, password and profile_id
* Can initialize with a valid token and use that instead of requiring email/password each time
* Can initialize with your own logger object instead of having to use the default (useful if you're using with Rails, initialize with RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER)
* Show error if token is invalid or expired (Google returns a 401 on any HTTP call)
* Started tests
== 0.1.4 / 2009-04-22
* Another attempt at getting the gem to build on github
== 0.1.3 / 2009-04-22
* Getting gem to build on github
== 0.1.2 / 2009-04-22
* Updated readme and examples, better documentation throughout
== 0.1.1 / 2009-04-22
* When outputting as CSV, surround each piece of data with double quotes (appears pretty common for various properties (like Browser name) to contain commas
== 0.1.0 / 2009-03-26
* Basic functionality working good. Can't use filters yet.
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